Los Angeles, California

Lenscrafters Santa Monica CA - my optical choice for decades. Personnel changes have made me decide never to go back there again. Straight talk and customer satisfaction went out the door with those changes.

Now it's high-pressure deceptive sales to make you buy the expensive frames and $400 lens. If you say you want the $85 plastic lens or cheaper frames, they have a flim-flam pitch to steer you back in the direction of more money. There is NOTHING you can select to save money that they won't tell you there is a reason you can't have it.

Only AFTER they write up the order do they tell you it's "5 to 10 working days" before you get your glasses. The delivery date entered on the order is a full two weeks after purchase.

Their first excuse is because some aspect of your order takes the extra time. Eliminate that aspect and make it basic, and they have another excuse why it will take two weeks.

No matter what you have chosen, it's all a minimum 2-week delivery. They give the most convoluted double talk about why they can't honor the advertised 1-hr service. Possibly the real reason is that they now send their orders to another lab for processing.

I've been wearing glasses for over half a century, and this is about the worst service I've encountered.

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pay your bill, simple problems solved


YES glasses CAN be made in one hour its true. Its not the same at every store and turnover happens in every industry including optics.

Training takes time, so be patient with that location.

Give them 6 months than revisit. You may be surprised :)


Lenscrafters does not own Sears. The lenses are not the same either.

as for the "flim flam speech" you will be better off with some of the treatments the associates recommend. i'm sure you would be equally upset if all of you're options were not explained to you.

They will always attempt to honor the 1 hour service. I can tell you from experience the best options for your glasses will be better served with more time.


i wouldn't worry about what's "printed" on the receipt, as far as the estimated delivery date. that date should be blacked out, and they tell you 10 days for a reason - because it really should take 10 days.

i've seen them get special orders in within 4 days. i bet you wouldn't thank them for that. only complain if your glasses are one day past the date they told you.

don't be so dramatic.


When I ordered my new glasses at LensCrafters on 9/08/2008, I was told 1 week for delivery (9/15/2008). The salesperson neatly folded the receipt and placed it into a fancy envelope before I could read it.

The actual delivery date printed on the receipt was 9/22/2008.

Interestingly enough, when I inquired about my glasses on 9/15, I was told they had come in but that the local in-store lab tech had broken the lens while trying to cut it to fit into the new frames. I don't know why the lab that made the lenses didn't fit them into the frames.

I really think we need to ask our state Attorney General to investigate LensCrafters' sales practices. Maybe a good news expose' show like 20/20 would want to do an investigation.


Specs and Dr. Optics really need to know how to spell.

Dr. Optics:




You're not your

I sincerely hope neither of you are employees of LensCrafters. If you are, then that would explain why customers must experience disrespectful and confrontational sales tactics and poor customer service at LensCrafters. I would hope the educational level of a LensCrafters employee is much higher than that demonstrated by you two's spelling.


Okay Dr. Knownothing, lenscrafters does not own Sears.

Luxottica is their parent company.

And what lenscrafters have you been to that has their numbers up for all to see?, None that I've been to.

Before you compare prices, make sure that the lenses you are comparing are EXACTLY the same.

And lastly, the prices have gone up over the years, but the policies still remain the same.


Not really/ he has some good complaints/ and for those that work for lensccrafters lets be truthful/ you know they preassure their salespeople to sell multiple pairs and anti-reflective coating/ you knoe just like the auto salesperson / they put their numbers up on the board for everyone to see/anyone that knows Lenscrafters knows their product and guarantees have changed over the past few years/ here is one ar progreaaive lens at Lenscrafters 400 / Sears same lens 185/ hey wait Sears is owned by Lenscrafters/ what's up?


Ok. Your over 50 so most likely you need progressive lenses which are gonna be at least $200 not $85.

If they have to order the lenses it's because they don't have them in stock. You must want them to pull the lenses out of their *** Trust me, they would like nothing more than to be able to get them to you the same day so that they wouldn't have to deal with your crochety *** two weeks later. Also, when was the last time you saw a LC commercial that guaranteed glasses in an hour?

Oh, and the lab that they send the jobs to is the same lab they've always used. NOW GET OVER YOURSELF!!!


Get over yourself...this is clearly a huge exaggeration