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Lenscrafter's is a fraud by keeping insurance deductible and not passing on the insured. They thought that they could get away with this fraud aka senior abuse because the customer was in her 70's with some dementia.

After threatening to make report to police they relented and cut a cheque to the senior. This fraud was also passed on to the BBB as Lenscrafter's needs to be exposed for being a fraud.

Had the senior be aware of the potential for a scam she would have only paid the difference between what her health care provider would have have paid and her portion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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This complaint doesn't make much sense to me. They "kept" the insurance deductible? What exactly do you think a deductible is? "passing on to insured" "Insured" = the patient. Unless the horrid grammar somehow means they did not send in the cost to the insurance to be deducted from an insurance deductible?

Then she should have paid the "difference between what her healthcare provider would have paid and her portion." Is the healthcare provider the insurance in this case? (healthcare provider generally means the doctor providing exam or other services).

It doesn't make sense, and even if it sort of did, routine vision coverage varies wildly between insurances, exact plans, and ocular health. Believe it or not, the doctor's office cannot know all about every single insurance plan. That said, even if an error was made in billing, what makes you believe it was done on purpose to try to cheat a patient suffering from dementia? I have worked with some wicked vile people, but none that would stoop that low.


How did thy rip the old lady off?