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So you wonder why you get poor service, glasses filled incorrectly,rude associates. Well lets see one day you can be running a Pawn Shop and the next day with no Optical knowledge be a General Manager at a Lenscrafters.

They hire only the worst of the worst so they can pay them low salaries.

There is horrible morale in the stores. The full time associates are hired for 35 plus hours per week but, when the stores are not making goal, their hours are cut in half.

Do yourself a favor ensure that the Optical store you choose to get your glasses from are run by Opticians,not Pawn Shop workers.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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I've worked for the company nearly seven years years as a lab technician and let me tell you something, it's as bad as everyone says it is on here. I bust my *** to point that I think about quitting everyday.

There is just so many problems with this company its disgusting. I made 11.77 back in 08 and I still have cracked 13 yet. On top of that they do an atrocious job of training associates because they give the hours for it and the people training them have no clue either. So as a lab tech I'm constantly bombarded with silly questions because the retail staffing is made up of kids.

Also, the company will cut hours immensely and avoid full timers like the plague they will bring in kids to work 10 hours a week just so they can keep you down. I do have sour grapes about lenscrafters because I know I've been terrible abused. They eliminated the lead lab tech position, a stepping stone for becoming a lab manager just so a lab tech can perform the same functions and not get paid for them as well as shutting down your growth in the company. If that's not bad enough as a lab tech, we have to run everything in an hour and guess what they're eliminating the outside labs by machinery to do it in house.

You'd think that would warrant increase pay or more hours? Nope, we're told to do more but live with what we're already getting.

I implore you, if even one person reads this, never ever apply there. It's not worth the frustration, they destroyed the company when I started the store I worked at had several opticians, guess what they all left and I haven't seen a single new one except for a few leftovers.

@Lenscrafters equals awful

Wow! I cant tell you how spot on this is.

Me being a lab tech too in this same company, i can confirm this. :(


Even managers without an optical background still get educated on optics when they go into those positions.

They do sell some frames that are made in Italy. Check out Burberry. Check out Versace. The Ray Ban sun frames are made in Italy. However, most people don't want to pay $200 for a frame.

And FYI, not all states require certification to be an Optician.


Wow, talk about cry babies. Of course nothing is perfect but I am very happy with working here.

I do my job, make customers happy, make great glasses and get well rewarded for it. Just an fyi if you are bad at your job don't expect the company to want you. A lot of people have been with lc for a long time and are useless. Talk about sour grapes.

Oh and know the product, more than 50% of what I sell is made in Italy.

And people that have left that I keep in touch with says the best product is def. Sold at lc.


Lab tech here of several years. One of the worst jobs I've ever held!

Treated like garbage every day. Some days I don't even get a break, talk about a sweatshop try working in the lab! I bet chinese slave workers have it better! Underpaid, hours cut, over worked during the hours I get.

Companies new slogans for employees are these gems: "Get it right the first time" and "Have FUN-which means, Fierce urgency of NOW!" Get the work done, get it done NOW, if you mess anything up you get your *** handed to you!

I hope this company goes under so a better one can take its place. Looking for a new job.


I worked for them for two weeks...... I left on a Saturday and never went back..NO one in the store had any optical background...........They were all about making the goals so that the Regional Managers would leave them alone!!!!

I could not work next to a shoe salesman trying to explain the benefits of a progressive lens... Customers Beware......


I would change my profession before I would work for that slave shop!!!!!!!


Lenscrafters ruined the optical industry. Luxottica care about in the door ,on the face in the case and then right back out the door.

Lenscrafters is slowing losing it's employees and its customers. Every unhappy associate makes sure everyone knows that Lenscrafters is a huge failure...... Every unhappy customer tells all of their friends.Who will be left??????

God do we miss Dave Brown.."..He had integrity........... The Italian family destroyed the company that demanded RESPECT.Now it's about overselling,ripping off the customer.......


As a former Region (formerly) 39 lab manager (one of the BEST), I just have one message to all lab techs that are disgruntled. I was always told by the RQC at that time that the grass was not greener on the other side.

In other words, the pay was better with LC. I just have one message for you - it is greener!!!

I work for a mom & pop optical and I make more than I was making with LensCrafters as a Lab Manager with over 5 years with the company!!! All you have to do is submit your resumes to most optical stores!!!


my old lab manager was finally turing the lab around and had plenty of optical experience for a long time and then one day they took him out and moved him to a different store at a lower level and replaced him with a manager from a video game store who knows nothing about lenses and got the job because of his ' leadership skills as if that was not enough my lab hours got cut in half and I live on my own and support myself I do not know how I will make ends meet I am 1 of the best lab techs store has and am treated like *** on a regular basis many others that have worked in the lab have already quit the whole situation is a mess I would rather not say which lab I work at


Get out while you can. They are losing money in the North East..........They are failing ."..

Luxottica is sinking....The associates are abused and cutting hours is not the answer"....The owners are greedy. this is just a way for for them to sell their china made garbage...Wake up!

This is what every real optical professional knew was going to happen.Enjoy the fall down.............. Karma ...,,

@Lens crafters the sinking ship


@Lens crafters the sinking ship



When they do have managers with Optical experience, they do everything they can to phase them out becuase they make "too much" money. They know they can hire 2 non experienced retails sales people.


$$$$$$ that what it is all it is to them,, This a medical not retail,

. That is the part they are missing..... Hire Opticians not shoe salemen...


I agree that Lenscrafters is retail not medical. One day selling jeans at the gap, the next day you can determine if a pair of glasses meets ANSI standards....SO SCARY BUT TRUE...


If you can not find a job and you have no desire to be paid what you are worth then, apply at Luxottica... You will be abused on a daily basis.

There is no real leadership and the blame always falls on the store associates. Not the useless overpaid puppets they call management.


So I go into LEnscrappers with a issue with my glasses. The so called manager had to get a Optician to help me.

He told me he was new to the industry. Sure the manager leads by example-Not


So I go into LEnscrappers with a issue with my glasses. The so called manager had to get a Optician to help me.

He told me he was new to the industry. Sure the manager leads by example-Not


I was hired as a Retail Manager for my "sales" experience, then I was told to forget everything and become more "optical" inclined (I did not come from a optical background). Licensed opticians are hard to find, especially in some states.

If you consider low $40k - $80 as "low pay" for retail environments, you'll be too pricey for the retail world.

LensCrafter's issues is that they have no standards in how they do things. They are constantly looking for the "magic solution" that will fix everything, and when it doesn't, they trash it for something else.

This makes every experience different for the cusotmer, and that is not a good thing. Lenscrafters is a revolving door right now because they themselves does not know what they want.