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My family has been customers of Lenscrafters for years. Three pairs of glasses and contacts purchased each year so they are getting our money!

I took my daughter in to the Lenscrafters on Alafaya Trail in Orlando for a contact eye exam. We ge4t called back, they do the entire exam and then say that they think she may have an infection in her left eye. OK, thats fine. They give her a prescription for drops for her eye and tell us to come back in a few days.

They then proceeded to charge me a doctors visit of $65 and when we return in a few days, will then charge me for the routine eye exam! What? The doctor had already did the whole exam and her saying she thought my daughter had an infection took about 30 seconds. Needless to say, I was forced into paying the $65 and will not be returning.

Since the doctors are independants, there is no one to complain to. I called the 800 number for Lenscrafters who called the doctor to try and resolve but the doctor refused.

Cheaper is NOT better. Please save yourself the headache and go somewhere else!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eye Exam.

Monetary Loss: $65.

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The Doctor can not do a proper eye exam if the eye is infected - the results will be skewed. She did the right thing.

Or would you rather her ignore the infection, do the exam, and then give incorrect lenses? Years of good service, one dispute and you are ready to bolt?