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My wife and I went to the Lenscrafter located in Middleburgh Hts Ohio this afternoon. My wife found a nice pair of glasses and went through the entire process of providing all of THEIR required information, Name, address, phone etc BEFORE they wouled even tell her the price of their glasses!

Then without telling us there was an additional charge as well as a one week waiting period The woman added a non reflected coating to the order. Then the saleswoman charged our bank (ATM) account for the entire amount of some $480. Not a problem until we were told AFTER she had charged our account that there would be a one week wait because of the coating. Then we were told it added about $120. to the price of the glasses!! My wife told the saleswoman she did not want the coating because she (my wife) wanted the new glasses today. The saleswoman said she would void the transaction and then charged us another 370 for the glasses without the coating. my wife asked the saleswoman when the first charge would be reomved (void) from our account. She said it would be automatic. We paid the 370 then waited the hour for the glasses Upon our arrival home, my wife checked our back account and of course BOTH charges were listed!! we are now out some $850 total from our checking (ATM) account. My wife called the store and talked to both the saleswoman and then another woman Both saying there was nothing they could do. The void would appear in our account within a "few days"!!

Seems to me that they should tell you that

1. There is an additional charge for this coating and how much BEFORE they charge your account/card


2. They should tell you it will be a week delay before you can receive your glasses if you select the coating to be put on your lenses!

This was the first time my wife has ever purchased glasses from Lenscrafter

And it will be OUR last

I hope by posting our dealings with Lenscrafter others will not be duped by the coating issue nor suffer the waiting to see IF and WHEN this void will appear in our accout

It is too late for us hopefully the above will save someone's elses money and time with a problem like this one.

Monetary Loss: $120.

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I am getting the same type run around from a store located in Henrietta, NY. We can't help you, call the hpme office (513-765-6000).

There is NO option to reach a live humanbeing; nor does their 877# on webite.

If you choose option#5, the recording talks so fast and does NOT enunciate so the LISTENER can't write the correct website for complaints about refunds done the same day as purchase (w/in 15 min besides). Never again.


This complaint is typical... Let me guess, your prescription is a progressive (no line bifocal) and the "coatings" you are talking about are the scratch resistance, uv filter and the anti reflective "coating"...

except its not a coating its built up with the lenses now for better long lasting quality. And because they dont just paint it on like other eyeglass places do they are unable to manufacture these lenses in their own lab. (BTW all I had to do to find all this out was ask why my daughters single vision could be done but not mine...amazing what info folks give to polite questions :eek ) And of course you have to pay more for a top of the line lens then you would a "standard bottom of the barrel lens". lol

Would you go to a shoe store and expect to pay the same for an off brand generic shoe as you would the top of the line name brand designer shoe?

Or better yet your a guy, would you expect to pay the same for a premium hot wash and wax on your car as you would for asking the kid next door ho hose it off?? NO!!! Grow up folks.

Lenscrafter's refunds are released immediately to the bank that holds your account, so unless the sales associates at lenscrafters also work at your bank you're *** right they couldn't do anything about it.

Instead of getting angry at the wrong person your time would have been better served checking your banks refund policy and asking them how long it takes them to clear a released hold. Most US Banks take up to 7 business days because of modern day bank fraud.


Why would you not ask the total price before handing over your credit card?!??


I'm really sorry to hear this. I work for lenscrafters and none of my co.

Workers nor myself have ever added something without telling them and if we have to order the lenses we (at our location)tell you at that same moment that we are going over the type of lenses.I apologize and hope that you can understand not all stores are like that. We actually take care of our customers.


The store associates haave sales goals.If they do not meet the goal they get counceled and get thier hours cut.... Corporate Greed.

The owners are making hand over fist. They own Lenscrafters and all of the frame brands you are buying.


I went a week ago to the same location and had the same thing happen to me. She told another associate "she wants the special coating"...

I actually did want it but I was VERY upset that she didn't even ask me.

Now it's been a week and a day and still no glasses. NEVER AGAIN.


I went to Lenscrafters yesterday and was informed up front about the time and cost. You probably had a very poor salesperson.

:/ It happens...In regards to the "void", when merchants process a credit card or debit card reversal, it is done immediately on their side. They send the credit to the bank, then it is up to the bank to process. In this electronic age, you would think that the credits would post immediately. But that isn't always the case.

It's probably policy to review credits in order to reduce scams. Still stinks.