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This has now happened twice to me, and I think it borders on a bait & switch tactic.

The frames on my eyeglasses broke, leaving the lenses undamaged. I took them to Lens Crafters (where I had bought them), to get new frames. They said they couldn't give me new frames because they no longer carried that style. They then said that my only alternative was to buy new lenses as well (which I didn't need), for an entirely new pair of glasses. But that wasn't the end of it. Before they would sell me the new glasses, they insisted that I get a new prescription, which meant paying for a new eye exam as well. What should have been a simple purchase of frames ended up costing me hundreds of dollars more than it should have.

That was two years ago. Today, I went in with the same problem with the new glasses (broken frames) and they said the exact same thing: they no longer carried those frames, and I would need to buy an entire new pair of glasses.

I suspect this may be a deliberate tactic to force consumers to buy unneeded lenses. (And I told them so.)

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Rx only are valid for 1 to 2 years depending on the Dr. you see.

LensCrafters do no require you to get the RX from them ONLY that it is current. Filling an eyeglass RX is just like any medical RX. Go to your local CVS and see if they fill your expired RX!!!

Lens are made to fit each frame you can't just should any lens in a close fit frame you risk causing damage to your eye if you are not looking through the optical center. Lenscrafters CANNOT grind lens to fit the frame, if they do they will lose their job, it's not safe.


The same thing happened to me. Although, admittedly, my frames were much older. They were four years old.

But here's the dirty little secret LensCrafters doesn't want you to know:

They can cut the lenses. There is a possibility that their local lab techs can cut your old lenses to fit into a new frame. That is, if the old lenses are bigger than the new frame.

Here's how I know this:

When my eyeglasses were in after 1 week, I called the store to see if I could pick them up during lunch. They said that the lens was broken by their local, in-store technician while he was cutting the lens to fit the frame. The woman explained that all lenses. including special order lenses, come to them as large round lenses. That they always have to cut the lens to fit the frame. My lens was rectangular.

So I guess maybe they do kind of try and screw the public any chance they can.


Apparently Optical Manager has a problem with older gentlemen. You see, there once was a time when salespeople and retailers actually respected and revered their customers. No mater what their age.

Once upon a time retailers were ethical and sold quality goods at a fair price.

How did we get to this state of affairs? That's simple. We, the customer, let it happen. Most customers never complain but silently slink back into the woodwork.

It's time customers got some balls and start to complain loudly. So everyone in the store can hear.

Send letters to the Attorney General of your state. I know my state, NY, aggressively investigates consumer complaints.


Ok...first federally glasses perscription are only good for 2 years. Frame style change every six months to a year.

There is no conspiracy again you.You must be a older gentleman. Can never make you guys happy....


Frame manufactures tend to discontinue styles every 6 months to 1 year. So if you go in 2 years later, it's not the retailers fault if they don't have a frame that's no longer made.

Trust me, they would probably have loved to have the same frame available for you just to get your whiney, cheap *** out of there.


Each lens is made to fit the frame that it is made for. In other words, lens=same frame.

A lens canot be altered to fit another. Optic center and the perscription would be changed.

Like with any perscription, there is an expiration date. Would you take medication if it were 2 years old? Eyes change even if you don't think they have.

Basic eye exam is $49.00. If you're going to spend money on new glasses, wouldn't you want the perscription to be right?

On any medication? That can alter your perscription.