Lexington, South Carolina

I purchased two pair of glasses in December of 2008 for $858.00 ond today, still owe $524.00. Their credit plan sucks.

My glasses are broken, I am retired and have no money to buy new glasses and they tell me they cannot fix them because they don't have that frame anymore.

All I ask them is to lower their interest rate so I can pay these off and go to walmart or somewhere and get some glasses so I can see.I have paid for these glasses three times over and I would think that they could help someone in my financial situation. Please do not get sucked in by their easy credit plan.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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I agree with Head. Anonymous, please take responsibility for your decisions.

I am sure you had the opportunity to ask and read the interest rate that would apply to the financing of the $858. In addition, if you are of limited means why in the world would you get 2 pairs?

I am surprised that a retired person such as yourself would take the attitude that it somebody else's fault for your situation. I would expect it from someone much younger, not a retiree.


The lesson here is that it's always somebody elses fault. Personal responsibility is out the door.

You should have said, "Lenscrafters didn't pay off my no interest loan for me on time, so now I have to pay interest." That's what you meant, isn't it? And by the way, Lenscrafters doesn't have the ability to "lower your rate." It's not their card.

What are the chances that the GE NO INTEREST CARD has helped thousands of people get the eyewear they need. IT"S NOT THEIR FAULT!!!!!