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Lens Crafters in Ocean County Mall, N.J., promised me delivery of my glasses within 2 weeks. Told rep I was leaving for florida & I needed them before I left so if he could not guarantee delivery within that time I would shop someplace else.

It is now 18 days since the glasses were ordered, I am leaving in the morning & I don't have my glasses. Needless to say I am not recommending Lens Crafters to my friends & I will never shop there again!!

My health ins co. which reccomends Lenscrafters has been notified as to rheir poor service.

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short but not so sweet..ordered my high persription glasses on 7-19-12, waited the 7-10 business days and got an "oh, so sorry your sripte does not come in the type of lense that was ordered" oh we can upgrade you to a transition lens and discount the they did took a whole twelve dollars off a very pricey bill..then waited another 7-10 business days for that the I got a call from the store stating that the "outside" lab was working on my glasses and the order woudld be pushed through asap..well here it is almost a month..and I still don't have them. The store employee stated again, "the outside lab was having difficulty with your order".

Well let me tell you, I have been blind all my life and never had any problems due to the persription.

I will never shop there again!! :(


I spend at least an hour on the phone every day in the Lenscrafters lab calling you poor customers to tell you the glasses won't be ready on time. I'm sorry the sales people and managers lie to you about the time frame.

I'm not sure why that is either. Honesty is a good policy seems to be lacking at Lenscrafters!

Not only to customers but to us poor run down employees. It's a terrible company Luxottica Group(tm) I'd stay far away if I were yall.


picked up my eyeglasses on 11/9/11 the day after I returned from Fl. I saw on my receirt someone had stamped "special order".

I asked what that meant. Was told glasses were ordered from an outside lab - Lens Crafters could not fill the prescription. That's why my glasses were not ready within the timeframe I was originally told by John, the part-time employee.Apparently John is not trained to know how long an order is going to take because he is part-time.Very poor customer service. Lenses are giving me trouble - do not think the prescription was filled correctly.

Will not return to this location for any corrections. Hope, store mgr, was not very helpful.


Hi I"m Holly w/ LC. I am very sorry to hear your glasses were not available before your trip.

Please feel free to call us at 877-753-6727 to discuss the incident, or email the details to We will be happy to see if there is anything we can do to assist.


Aren't special orders usually promised in 7-10 business days? I don't blame Firebirdbev for being frustrated with the situation, it has been 18 days. Even if it's not directly the reps fault someone from the store they purchase their product from should have manned up and fixed the situation.


It really is not the rep's fault if the glasses did not come in on time. LensCrafters cannot rush an order if it is being sent to their labs.

There are a large volume of orders their labs get from the different LensCrafters locations.

If your glasses are not in on time before you leave, ask for a manager, tell him/her your need, and ask to have a temporary pair made for you to wear on vacation. If they do that, most likely you will have to turn the temp pair in, but at least you will have something to wear in the meantime.