Nashville, Tennessee

Advertise i hour service. Took 9 days before my lens arrived. Guess what? they were both for the left eye

It would take another 10 days before this could be corrected. Got a refund and left.

My advise, if looking to have a prescription filled and you find your self near a Lens Crafters, run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.

This all took place at the Lens Crafters store located in the Galliera Mall, Cool Springs. Franklin, Tn.

One more thing, I called on the 9th day and was told the lens had arrived and they would call as soon as they were installed in my frames. No one ever called, so I finally went there and was then told I had two left lens.

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I was told it wouldbe 7-10 days for mine if you got yours in 9 days that means they met their deadline, if the idiots at shipping sent them the wrong thing they wont know till it gets there now would they?


Hi, I'm sorry to hear you had problems with your order, and there were delays. Please send details to and I will be happy to try to help.