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A year ago, I got a pair of glasses where 2 separate sets of lenses cracked over a period of one month. (luckily the lenses were still within their ridiculous 90 day warranty period) I had to completely change the pair of frames I had chosen because they wouldn't admit the material the lenses were made of may have not been suitable for that particular frame, (For background, my sister worked at Sterling Optical for a few years, so this is possible) and they blamed the cracking on their lens factory making the base curvature of the lens incorrectly. I've worn glasses for 20+ years for reading, and have NEVER had this happen as much as I take my glasses off and on, using various cases and purses, etc.

I settled on a different pair and as luck would have it about 9 months later (well outside their warranty), I noticed while cleaning my glasses my right lens was clouded over and discolored in one corner, and there was a scratch within my line of vision seemingly overnight. Even with an anti-glare coating, again this should not have happened.

My local Lens Crafters is great with adjusting glasses, but never again will they make a pair for me. I decided to go to an MD's office for my exam and new reading glasses this time around, and only paid $7 more in out of pocket expenses than I did last year even with getting a pair of Burberry frames over the Ray Bans I purchased at Lens Crafters. Can we say price gouging on their "state of the art" lenses?

Monetary Loss: $307.

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You lie about your sister working for a optical to give your complaint a legitimacy. If your sister did work for an optical you would know that with an anti-glare coating lenses are EASIER to scratch yet you represent because you bought this coating your lenses should not scratch. Anyone in the optical business knows that information so your entire complaint has zero credibility.


Thank you for sharing your feedback. I’m sorry to hear that you had difficulty with your lenses.

This is Megin with Customer Care and I’m happy to try and help. Please email your name, contact information, and any other details you’d like to provide to iCare@LensCrafters.com.