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I Bought RX glasses and RX sunglasses from Lens Crafters and the script was incorrect but they told me it wasn't the script but it was because I didn't have HD put in them. When I asked what their version of HD was they said it would expand my peripheral vision all the way to the edge of the glasses.

I paid two hundred dollars more and got my second pair back. The script was incorrect, again. The vision was even worse and I had less peripheral than my old glasses. I decided to consult some experts in the field of Optometry and others from a lens laboratory and they both advised me there was is no such thing as HD but it does make a difference depending on which Lab manufactures the lenses.

They said the best quality at this time is the Trivex lens. There is suppose to be a Smart Lens and digital lens but they have not been out long enough for them to recommend.

I will be giving them their glasses back and go elsewhere. I may pay more but at least I will be able to see.

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this is what happens when you go to a change store. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU ONLY YOUR WALLET.

Granted yes there are private offices that do do the same but most do not. LENSCRAFTERS, TARGET, SEARS , same company, same issues. DONT BE FOOLED.

try to stay private.

it keeps jobs in America (Google Knoxville Lab closing its a lab used by the target offices and it when to Thailand, 300 or so jobs lost) and you get better service and you know where you lenses come from.

Ofcoase they will be like a bunch of people saying lenscrafters is great and they never had a problem and they always take care of me....Its a corperation...its not you mom and pop store....they only care about profits and sales numbers. that's the harsh cold brutal reality. They are not your friends they are sales people.

Sales people that put give bad Opticians...Licensed Dispensing Qualified Opticians a bad name.

There medical Devices people.

Prosthetics for your eyes. Stop going to places that care about how you look and go to places that care about you actualy eyes

@the eye opener

if only this were still true.....


for every one carl zeis glass lenses are only clear edge to edge i wear 35 years i try swich to plastic but dose not work, tey are talking plastic is safety but that is only because plastic is not durable as glass ,i change my lenses every 5 years i mean when i need new prescription,if you whit plastis you do every year or earlyer and you dont see well go wisit ,also they have office in detroit mi


I went to LensCrafters for the "High Definition: LC Signature HD" lenses because of the promised "Edge-to-edge clarity" clause.

I had a lot of problems with my last pair of glasses, not being able to see to the edges clearly. I put up with the last pair for 6 years because I can't drop about $300 every year! I was really excited to try these. So, I figured a few days to adjust, but it is still like being tipsy :upset (it is weird like I can see clear, but not, at the same time, and definitely not clear around the edges), and the first day I wore them I ended up with a really bad headache. :\

So, back to researching, hoping to find something that works. How hard can it be to find a good single vision lens for someone with a high prescription (-7.00) and astigmatism? I didn't have any issues until I tried the thinner lenses, I hate to go back to the thicker one, what with how heavy they are. :sigh


I was reading somewhere that the HD lenses are best for astigmatism correction and overall horrible distant vision.

Also, they have sone fine laser etching on the lenses themselves..

Some people are complaining that they can see them as burrs. An optomitrist said that they can't create any lenses without these markings, it would be impossible.

Maybe the lenses are so fine that the smallest scratch can be seen? IDK...


I just got my new pair of glasses with -4.75 prescription which did not change from old pair (which was purchased at Costco!).

The new one is HD lense from Lenscrafters and I have 2 issues with it:

1- it is too thick at the edges! I ordered 1.67 high index, they insisted I take HD for crisper view! THe lenses are the same size as my older glasses but 25-30% thicker! The lenscrafter store told me that Costco did not adhere to minimum stds of center thickness! how could this be?

2- my prefiral vision is distorted! I can see great looking straight through the lense! soon as my eyes move left of right I loose focus!!!! strange!

Is this normal?


My guess is that you picked a slightly larger frame than last time. Your thickness lies to the edge of the lense as a myopic patient.

This will cause the edge thickess to increase. This will also enhance the already present peripheral distortion. Have a decent optional increase the face form to help reduce the effect. This is a simple adjustment.

As for the thickness standards, the ANSI standards are a mutually agreed upon standard for determining if a lens is made correctly and is safe for the patient.

It is by no means a legal requirement that any lens be made according to these standards. It is a ethical issue whether eye care providers decide to follow these guidelines or not.


Give digital lens another chance, but I would still stay away from the lenscrafters "HD" version. Your best bet would be to try an Esslior lens such as the Varilux physio 360 or the Definity line of lens. At least that's my advice, I am a licensed optician with several years of experience by the way.