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This is a very interesting story for anyone who has purchased glasses frames from a LensCrafters Store. I am suprised they had the nerve to do this. No different from turning back the odometer on a car and selling it as new. Sure hope someone makes them open up their books and refund everyone they did this too. Amazing to think that a company that appears to pride itself on service and actually manufactures the frames it sells, would risk the negative exposure of being caught instructing its employees to put used frames back in new inventory and resell

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Eyemasters does not own VSP, it is only accepted there if you have out of network benefits


Yes, Luxottica does own Eyemed. Just like Wal-Mart owns Spectera and Eyemasters owns VSP.

Most vision insurance companies are owned by Optical retailers. That's just the way it works.

As for used frames they are offered at a minimum of 30% off the retail price and if showing any signs of wear they are sold for 50% off.

Feel free to pay full price for the same frame though. It's your choice.


the returned frames are labeled "returned", and in a seperate section from the new frames. they are not hidden at all, and are heavily discounted.


Luxottica is nothing but a fat cat in a small pond. Lenscrafters is just the child of a scheming and ultimately uncaring company.

Lenscrafters uses technitions to do its exams, and has the optometrist okay the results. Your lucky if you see the actual optometrist at all. Secondly, the frames are typically discontinued product, and the lenses substandard. The AR cotes they use are awful, and many times have to be removed!

Your frame temple broke? Oh that sucks, you have to buy a new frame because they can't fix it. Luxottica owns Eyemed Insurance. OWNS IT.

They also own Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Vogue... AND lenscrafters, pearle vision, yadda freakin yadda.

Phaleese. Someone call the monopoly already!


I was working at a lencrafters store when they first starting re-selling frames. At that time they just retagged it and sold it for full price.

This company is the worst in the world. I could write a book about the illegal practices this company performs. Do yourself a favor, go to an independent optician for your glasses. The price will be better along with the quality.

Also, independents are not limited with the type of lenses they can order, like lenscrafters is. Lenscrafters is the Burger King of the optical industry!!


What do you think? They burn those returned glasses..... Of course resell with a discount, that discount is for that reason not because you are cute or what so ever....


they sell used frames as a common practice I was a manager for quite some time there, when they were confronted I was told it was not my business. These people are the most dishonest retailer I have ever worked for


Trust me this isn't the worst thing Lenscrafters is doing to you, you should see the lack of effort put into making your eyeglasses and what is done to your glasses behind closed doors


Obviously not very educated in retail. Lenscrafters is one of the only optical businesses that offers a full refund on "custom made" eyewear.

How would a company stay in business if they didn't reoffer returned merchandise? Do you suggest they just throw them out, even though some have been wore less than 1 day?

By the way, the returned frames are marked returned. A customer should have the right to decide for them selves if they want a Prada frame at a good price because they were wore for a week?


first of all Lenscrafters does NOT manufacture their frames. They are bought from venders owned by their fater company Luxotticca.

secondly dont know if you've bought merchandise at clearance prices....but guess what?... it's all been used!...or cant be sold at regular prices :(


heres some clarification for you:

all frames that are returned and in like new condition -aka some *** wore them for 10 min and returned them- can be returned to stock AS new merchandise, believe it or not that happens quite often it is the *** side of the 30day guarentee.

anything thats returned within the 30 day warranty that is over 1 week old in use will be resold at clearance price if is deemed sellable.


I guess it is no different then other retailers, like clothing stores, selling returned merchandise?