Denver, Colorado

I went to Lens Crafters at FlatIrons. I put my name on their list.

I waited for about 15 minutes and left to find my daughter. At that time they had to customers and I realized it would be a few minutes. While outside the mall I noticed one customer had left so I went back in. Not only was there only one customer in the store, she was surrounded by practically all of the emplyees of the store.

Not once did any of the employees acknowledge me even after waiting another 15 minutes. Obviously they were not interested in my business.

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It's clear many of u r unhappy working there - so why not just leave ?

I am sure the company feels the same !

It is so untrue that they don't require lisenced opticians to work !

Also u r way off base to say the upper mgr wants their managers to sell !

It actually os frowned upon to have store NDEA to sell - they want them managing - not selling !

And lastly - if assocaites don't make their goals it looks bad on the GM-RM worse then the assocaite !



Where do u get your miss information from ?

A pair of pals with AR !!

It isclear u don't look at the invoices that come in with the work ?

U r just way off - and actually putting this info out there - with no facts on the subject !

Don't get me wrong - yes there r large mark ups on the products - it's called doing buiness !!

It is how you get ur salary !

Maybe if u start using some higher end products - which most lc staff has no clue what it does - why it's better - and how it is differant - u won't "feel so bad " about the wholesale cost vs what u sell it retail !

And don't forget - with all these crazy things like 30 day bring back ur glasses because ur frame stylist didn't get u a good frame ( from looks to not fitting correctly ) - there would have to be tgat cushion worked in there to make the prices even higher !

U neglect to remember - NO ONE ever pays retail prices - with all the sales - aaa discounts ect - everyone is at least getting 25-30% off !!

So how much do u educate ur customers on the pal options ?

Or do u just referr to them as tge MVP - AVP - and varilux option s ?

I am sure u r not utilizing the physio or ellispe products much - are u ?

How about the comfort 360 - the ellispe 360 or others ?

At least with these u would get crizal Alize stock on them -

and not other coatings !

So go ahead - educate urself - sell some


I work for LensCrafters currently. I'm sure that they would not have ignored you on purpose.

It is mandatory for us to greet everyone who comes in the store. Anyway, why would you wait 15 minutes for someone to acknowledge you. Especially, seeing that there wasn't anyone else waiting. I don't know what location you went to, but I am sure they apologized for overlooking you.

If I went anywhere and was not greeted, I would not assume that they are ignoring me. I would first assume that they are probably caught up in whatever it is they are doing.


yes, of course we help a lot of other people. in fact, it's nice to help patients and customers but it's stressful when we will lose our jobs if we do not make our sales goals...most of us feel like pushy car salesmen.

usually the managers make associates help customers while they put in the sales so they will not get fired. of course it is the law in several states, but not all of them. i know of several associates who passed their optician license exam and did not get paid as an optician. my particular store has 3 opticians and none of them have that title.

there are only so many optician positions available per managers are not even licensed, it would be better if they require it from every associate.

most pass the test and then move on to a private doctor or costco which offers more money and better benefits. also, environments not filled with anxiety for not making sales goals.


I work for the company too, and yes we are responsible for our own sales goals, and sometimes it is hard but we also help lots of people who do not buy. It does not *** us off.

ALSO, most Lenscrafters DO require licensed opticians. It is the law in most states, but a few states do not have this law, such as Texas.


Also, just to let you know it costs Lenscrafters $5 to manufacture premium progressive lenses with anti-glare and scotchguard protective coating and we sale them for $415!!! Many of the other lenses only cost the company $0.25, yes less than a dollar but they sell it for hundreds of dollars.

If you want more for your money, purchase them at Costco. Lenscrafters does not require licensed opticians, in fact they prefer not to employee them because then they can pay less.

Everywhere else requires licensed opticians, even Costco requires it within 2 years of hire date. Kaiser pays minimum 2X the amount Lenscrafters employees get paid.


I work for Lenscrafters. They should have acknowledged you.

I'll let you know of a little secret, the company has changed it policy where if we do not make our sales goal for the month they have the right to fire us. What does that mean? Well, we do not care to help you if you are picking up classes or come in for repairs and adjustments. Want to *** us off?

Get an exam and not buy glasses that same day. They hold us responsible for low customer count, if our shift gets cut if we are over on hours and low sales week we are still responsible for whatever our sales goal was that day. The managers (usually 3 working on any day) have half the sales goals of regular employees so they send us to do all the pre-tests for the exams so they can stay on the floor and sale.

FYI: they pay us less than $10 an hour, yes less than they pay at In-N-Out Burger. Think about that, we have enormous amounts of work to do and get paid nothing.


Happened to me too for the second time today. Also, the glasses they sold me are faulty, but of course it isn't their fault. Told them they lost my business.


Let me get this strait, you waited for 15 minutes while employees where standing around not helping anyone? Really?

Exaggerate much? what did they say when you asked for help?

we're busy! come on.