Lexington, South Carolina

My fiance purchased 2 pairs of glasses at lens crafters in december of 2008 for 858.00 and owes 524.00 on them today. 3 years and 3months later .after he did not pay them off in 1 year his interest is 29.99 percent.

he is 66 years old and retired.

All but 250.00 dollars of his retirement money goes to a debt consolidation fund each month. His frames broke and he cannot wear his glasses and Lens Crafters tells him that they cannot do anything about this because they don't make that frame anymore.I say this is bull#*@+.He has already paid three times the amount owed and they should do what they have to to make this man see.

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@ Anonymous: Not from 2008 they won't....I agree w/ Fake, the fiance needs to get his *** together.


Perhaps if your fiance weren't such a deadbeat, he wouldn't have this sort of problem. Here's a clue--don't buy *** you can't afford. And definitely don't blame Lenscrafters for the fact that you're too *** to handle money.


They should be able to replace your pair for half price.