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I have used LENS Crafters for years. I usually get their Brooks Brother product.

About three weeks ago my two year old glasses broke. I went to Lens Crafters and found a pair of CHAPS frames $160 that I liked. High Index lenses were also about $200. True to word they made them in an hour.

About two days later I notice I was pricking my finger when I took off my glasses. The top of the screw that held in the lens was too long and they did a poor job of clipping it back.

I took the frames back. I was told that the manufacturer plaints the screw in and they have to strip it to get it out. I expressed some doubt and concern about the frames, but let them give me a new pair and put them together better. The manager assured me they were high quality frames.

Three days later the right nose piece just fell off. I found the screw, but could not put it back because it was stripped.

I took the glasses back to the store today and told them, I liked the shape but would no longer accept CHAPS. They found me a pair of POLOS, but then wanted me to pay $70 more. I told them it was their error and I would not pay more. The manager then told me that he was giving the LENS for Free. I asked him how he figured that. He said he could not use the lenses in the pair I brought back.

Anyhow, I told him those pair were coming back, and I was giving him a chance to keep my business.

H said he could not match the price of the first pair and that the CHAPS were entry level frames. Like that was my fault.

I got my refund my family is done with LENS CRAFTERS. They have lost $1000s of future business from me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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I think they gave you good service. You made the decision to refuse Chaps.

You picked out Polo. And the manager offered to give you the upgrade without charging you for the new lenses. Different frame shape = different lenses.

If the manager had refused to give you a new pair of Chaps then I would agree that you received bad service. But in this case, you are a bad customer.


about the warranties: defective products are replaced at no charge for up to a year. if the manager doesn't, then he/she doesn't know the policy very well.

defects are different than a breakage. breakage is through customer wear and tear, and usually through the fault of the customer: like sitting on their glasses.

there are VERY CLEAR guidelines as to what a breakage is and what is defective. a manger should know them or get them from his regional manager. for things that do fall in the middle, the manager usually has to use his discretion and try to do what is fair.

the replacement option customers have is when customers break their own glasses, and it is not because of a defect.

the replacement option is NOT a warranty, and it is *** to tell customers it is when it is not. it is an option to replace their glasses that they have broken. once again, defects should be replaced for up to a year at no charge.

the trick is to determine what is a breakage and what a defect is. the only problem is that there are a lot of customers who will say that something they did is a defective product, when clearly it is not. scratches are NOT a defect.



it is a different frame from a different designer with a different cost. if you don't want to upgrade your frame, look at frames until you find one that is the same cost as the one you are having replaced. the prices are right on the tag on the frame! it is you choice whether you upgrade. if you don't like the price, find a frame that fits your price!!!

if you bought a computer and decided you didn't like a brand and wanted to return it for another one, you would have to find one that was the same cost, or you would have to pay the upgrade difference.

if you pick a new frame with a different lens shape, that requires making new lenses, and the manager even said they wouldn't charge you, they were making it at no cost to you.

screws in the nose pad can VERY EASILY be replaced.

i don't think it is unreasonable for you to pay the difference for a different brand.

if you don't want Chaps brand fine, choose a different brand that is the same cost.

and i am not sure they lost thousands of dollars from you when you are unwilling to pay the upgrade for a different designer frame.


ABO cert. Optician, it would be so much easier to believe you if you knew english...

like the difference between "there" and "their" ... I doubt you truly are a certified Optician because someone with the education to be certified would know English.



How can you say that all Independent Optical shops have the same quality guarantees??? My home town has at least a dozen Optical shops and they all have different policies.

In fact the one that I used to work for had no Guarantee's and any RX changes with in a month cost the customer 40 dollars.

Anything else happens the customer is SOL. At least with Lenscrafters you can speak to a RDO or a Manager at a different location if you have issues with the product or the store you shopped at.


What gets me about your story is your refusal to pay for an upgraded frame. The quality difference between Chaps and Polo is very significant. The Polo frame is made in Italy and is worth the extra $70 dollars that you would have paid if you had chosen that frame to begin with.

If you bought a used Hyundai from a dealer and the car had issues, would you expect the dealer to give you a free upgrade to a BMW?

When dealing with frames you get what you pay for. Chaps frames aren't the best but they are far from the worst. They are also very similar in quality to your Brooks Brothers.


abo cert., Eyemed is owned by Luxottica. This happened a few years ago.

Marchon just acquired Vision Service Plan (VSP), if I remember correctly.

Edward, Most of the frames sold in Lenscrafters are made in China. Worked there for years and know for a fact where the frames are manufactured. As far as the warranty policies, this company is one of the worst!! After the 30 day shame you will be charged half the retail price to replace frame and lenses.

Now, I don't know if you've ever worked outside of Lenscrafters but in an independent opticians store warranties work a little different. Frames are covered for one (1) year. 100%. You break the temple (arm), we call the manufacture order a new frame, then send the broken product back for credit.

What does that mean to the patient/customer? No charge for a replacement frame. AR coatings for lenses are under warranty from the manufactures from one to two years.

Your Anti Reflective coating starts scratching 8 months after you bought them. Take them back to the independent optician and the lenses are covered for free.


I am sorry but you are wrong on 2 levels. Lenscrafters is owned by a parent company called Luxoticia.

Luxoticia is not owned or afiliated with Eyemed, as eyemed is afiliated with the Marchlon provider network, the same network that makes frames like coach and guess. Luxoticia owns companys like target optical and also sears optical. They have spacific frames that they create just for use in there stores. Now as for your frame and the nosepad.

Im sorry but nosepads are nothing more than plastic and can be torn off easily with improper care to the frame. They are like care or a car-you must replace the breakpads when they are worn.

The fact that you had a problem with the first frame and they replaced it no questions asked shows that they stand by there products. The problem may lay with the care you give to your glasses as most people who give the recomended care to the same frames you had bought have no problams at all.

@ABO cert. Optician

I will tell you that Eyemed is owned by Luxcotica not Marchon. VSP is owned by Marchon.

As well Guess frames are not produced by Marchon, they are made by Viva. So I think that you need to check into what you write. And Marchon no longer makes Coach that company is owned by Luxoticia. Lenscrafters does not stand behind their product, our company would have stood behind the frames and if two pairs had broken we would have replace them for free as we want to keep our customers.

We also do free fixes where Lenscrafters charges for replacements and fixes. The money that they charge they should provide better customer service.

As for nose pads yes they are plastic and can be torn off but they some are still screwed in and the holes can become striped. So I think that you need to go back to Optician classes.


I experienced THE WORST customer service with this company. I was promised a pair of special ordered lenses within 10 days and was treated rudely when I called when they were a couple days late.

Almost 2 weeks later they were still not there and the 'central lab' apparently kept screwing them up- still treated like an annoyance when I called about when the glasses I prepaid for would be in. I finally cancelled and got the glasses made within a matter of a couple of days with another place.

When I came in to get a refund I was the only friendly person in the place, no one even pretended to offer an apology for the extreme annoyance of having my little girl go without her glasses. The quality of Lens Crafters glasses, I discovered when comparing them to these other glasses, appears to be terrible.

I would never recommend them.


Like any chain, your chances of success are solely based on the employees in the store you are in that day. If the screw was sticking up and pricking your finger from day one, chances are the lab tech messed up and lost the original screw and replaced it with another. Any original screw that belongs to the frame will sit flush to the frame if the lenses are properly cut.

The process of "crafting" a pair of eyeglasses to perfect specs isn't as easy as you might think. There are plenty of talented, experienced optical professionals working for LensCrafters who sell, manufacture, and fit quality eyewear. Unfortunately, companies like LensCrafters have many more stores than quality professionals. you can walk into one LensCrafters and be helped by an optician with 20 years experience, and a lab tech with equal knowledge. The next day you can walk into a srore the next mall over and be helped by a salegirl who was selling jewelry at Macys last week, and a "lab tech" who was flipping burgers at McDonalds last month making your glasses.

Ask to be helped by a certified optician, and ask who will be making your glasses and their experience before you shell out close to $1000 for eyewear.


And just so all is clear

1) they do make frames

2) Eyemed and LensCrafters are the same company

3) look on the internet and you will see how evil this company is... sued for being dishonest over and over again


Check it out for yourself.... they are crooks



I will be cancelling my EyeMed insurance, speaking to my companies benefits analyst, and no longer visiting LensCrafters after being told that I had "SAVED" money because of my insurance and that discounts are not valid when using eye-care insurance. I pay for my insurance, I'm expecting COVERAGE, not SAVINGS.

This entire system is a scam and it allows LensCrafters to charge increasingly high prices due to the fact that insurance companies make you feel more comfortable paying those high prices by creating a meta-savings account for you with each of your pay checks deductions.

It's possible that all vision insurance is a scam. Most medical procedures related to vision are already covered under medical insurance.


This is for the comment by Robinson. Just an observation, the customer chose to buy, a Chaps frame, and then wanted to go to a Polo frame. If the issue is price due to mulitple family members, maybe name brands should not mean so much.


Best thing about LC was the check i got after they settled a class action lawsuit against them. Don't trust'em.


When getting frames......might as well NOT BUY FROM LensCrapters

You want Basic lenses WITHOUT AR coating. Get them at LC otherise, if you need hi index, u need good QUALITY LENSES AND AR, go to a boutique and ask for scotch guard avance....should be like$150 or a/r and aoter $150 for HI it would've come VERY close to what you paid for *** quality and no need for redo's, and Im a $$$ boutique


Lenscrafters does not buy their frames in China, and yes the guarantees are the best in the industry. Go anywhere else and buy a product, break it ,and ask for a free upgrade.


It comes down to what a customer is worth.

I agree that your business and the hassle you had to go through without your glasses should definately be worth that and more.

I worked at LensCrafters for a few years and can tell all cunsumers something that most don't know. The lenses you buy are the same ones Wal-mart sells. They spend less than 3 dollars per lens because they buy them in bulk. The frames are mostly made by their mother company Luxotica, also less than $15 per frame. The over head to pay the person in back to make your glasses is what costs more. In reality though, the person usually isn't trained or certified and neither are the people checking the quality of your glasses. It matters on what state you are in on weither or not the person writting up your glasses is certified.

I believe Consumer Reports and the Morning Show reported about this already though. Finding LensCrafters to be the worst quality and highest priced glasses on the market. They said youw ould be better off at Wal-mart or Target than LensCrafters.

Maybe one day this company will turn itself back around and realize that the customer and their time matter more than $70!


Stripped-out screws are a pain in the neck to everybody involved, and nose pad screws are especially bad because they are so tiny and have so few threads to hold that they are often already stripped when they get to the store . It sounds to me like the store did just what they were supposed to do: They replaced the frame at your request, which they should have done, and my guess if they would have replaced it again with the same frame at N/C if you had wanted, but you wanted to change frames so they are going to charge you only the additional amount you would have paid if choosing Polo frame first time.

If using EXACTLY the same frame, the lenses can be transferred, but with a different style, the lenses must be remade so that the optical centers are in the correct place, bifocals right place, etc. Sorry to hear you were unhappy with that.