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I was originally lured in by a promotion price for my prescription sunglasses. I already had my prescription in hand so I did not need an eye exam. After a short conversation with a helpful and polite salesperson there, I purchased my new glasses with their insurance coverage which I was told covered damage, theft, and loss. That's where the fun began...

I was told my glasses would be ready in 45 minutes to an hour. I decided to walk around the mall for a bit and wait for them rather than pick them up later. After an hour I returned to Lenscrafters to find that my glasses were not ready. I was told that a machine was acting up and it should only take another twenty or 30 minutes. I went back to walking around the mall. After being dragged around the mall for another hour by my girlfriend, I returned certain to find my glasses waiting.

Unfortunately, they were not done. I asked what was taking them so long, and they told me the machine had not been fixed. I asked them how long they expected the repairs to take, and they told me that they had not called in for a repairman yet. A total of 2 hours waiting on my part, and they had not even taken any action to repair the broken machine! While I understand that equipment is going to fail, and that is unavoidable, I do not understand why they would continue to allow me to wait under the assumption that I would have my glasses shortly. I told them to call me when the lenses were finished and I left.

While the staff on my first trip was very apologetic and polite, their disorganization cost me 2 hours of my time, as well as require a second trip to pick up my new glasses the following day. My other complaint would be that I had to speak to different people each time. I was continually pawned off to other employees who had no idea about the situation with my glasses.

Fast forward two months. While at work, I put my glasses on the back of a bus I was towing. The bus was blocking an intersection and the police were pressuring me to clear the road as soon as possible. After pulling the bus out of the intersection, I realized that my glasses had fallen off the back of my truck and been run over by the bus tire. They were now in the middle of a busy intersection with 30 minutes worth of backed up traffic trying to move through it. After being hit a few more times I lost track of pieces, and was not willing to risk my neck by wandering out into the intersection to look for pieces of my destroyed glasses. "No big deal" I told myself, "That's why I have insurance."

When I returned to Lenscrafters a few days later, I explained my situation to the person who greeted me at the door. She told me that she did not handle glasses and I needed to look for someone else. Flashbacks of the "musical sales reps" game I had to play to get my original pair started going through my head as I searched the store for someone who "handles" glasses. Apparently the girl who greeted me couldn't leave her post by the front door to help me find the proper person to help me.

I ended up talking to an older woman by the name of "Deena" who I later found was a manager of some sort. She greeted me warmly, but once the situation was explained to her she told me that I was not covered because I did not bring any pieces of the destroyed pair. I was under the impression that I was covered for loss, theft, or damage as I had originally been told. "Deena" abruptly informed me that the insurance covers damage only, and the damaged glasses must be returned to the store. I was never given a copy of the insurance papers, so I was not in a position to argue this any further. (After I got home a quick google search told me that my policy only covered damage and "Deena," in her own rude way, was telling me the truth.) I told her that I would not be purchasing my replacement glasses from her, to which she responded that she was the manager and if I wanted glasses I had to go through her.

Apparently "Deena" had forgotten about the three other eyewear stores that I had to pass to get to the Annapolis Mall. I informed her that my money and I were going elsewhere, thanked her for her time, and left. I can only describe what happened next as a "temper tantrum" as she told me in a raised voice that she did not want my business, no company will pay to replace lost glasses, and again that she was the manager (a fact that failed to impress me, as I don't really see managing a store at the mall as being a significant life achievement. Also, I can't imagine this is a position she will retain for very long if she continues to act this way.)

My grievances are as follows:

-The lack of organization at this store caused me to wait 2 hours for glasses that not only were not finished, but in fact were not going to be finished that day at all. A simple "Hey the machine's broke, can we call you tommorow?" would have been sufficient. Instead it turned what would have been a minor inconvenience into a 2 hour ordeal.

-I was told the extra coverage I bought would cover me against loss, theft, and damage when it did not. I would not have purchased it if I had not been misinformed in this matter. Furthermore, I would have made more of an attempt at recovering the pieces had I know that this was the policy.

-I was constantly referred to different people in the store, only one of whom was actually able to tell me the situation with my glasses. This was particularly frustrating.

-When I went in originally to buy glasses I was treated very well, however when picking them up and later when attempting to get a replacement pair, I felt I was pushed to the "back burner" and shuffled around to whatever person was not busy selling glasses.

-Finally, the manager "Deena's" conduct was completely unacceptable. Without a doubt, if she had talked to one of my customers in that way I would have fired her on the spot. I can't even describe the level of contempt with which this woman spoke to me.

In conclusion, I will not be returning to Lenscrafters in Annapolis Mall and I will advise anyone who asks to do the same. I don't know if it was just this one location or all of them, but frankly I will not be visiting any Lenscrafters location to find out. I would much rather spend my money with someone who appreciates it, rather than being treated as an annoyance by managers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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Impossible? A more scrupulous eyeglass retailer replaced my glasses under their insurance plan earlier today. I think "DNance" is not too bright when it comes to insurance...


Anyone who thinks the glasses will be covered if lost is not too bright. That would be impossible to do.