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Paid for an eye exam, frame, and their best quality lens with transition added. The frame broke in approximately 3 months.

Amazing how Lens Crafters at Galleria Roseville don't continue to carry any frames to fit the lens anymore. They want you to purchase another frame and replacement lens at 50% of cost for both when nothing is wrong with the lens. So much for the one year warranty.

Guess things aren't made to last like they used to in the old days. Things are more flimsy now so they can keep selling more frequently since they don't want things to last.

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I got lenses and frames here with a 1-year warranty. The frames broke at about 1 year and 2 months exactly from normal wear and tear.

The main part of the frame broke off when I use using their lense cleaning and lense wipes.

Since the frames are still good I am obligated to reuse them, but they are only able to fit the lenses to the same frames, which means that I am forced to buy the same frames again that I know will break just beyond their warranty! What a waste of money.


Do not buy transition lenses if you think they will work in your car.


Lenscrafters did not bother to tell me this when I purchased transition lense from them at a hefty price.


I got $550 Zegna frames and progressive lenses. After 45 days, a crack appeared in the lens.

They did replace it free. 60 days later both lenses cracked. They replaced it again. 60 days later it has cracked for a third time.

Now they claim it's due to Windex, and I'll have to pay 50%. Firstly, I use the Windex without ammonia. Secondly, millions of people use Windex without cracking their frames.

Thirdly, I can't believe this would crack the lens within 30-60 days. There's something fishy and substandard about the product.


The Lens Crafters salesman was putting extreme pressure on me to purchase the extended warranty. He seemed almost crazed about this he asked me about 4 times, I almost got up and walked out.

He said look at your glasses you came in with, they are already scratched.

Uh Hello I told him they are 20 years old. Made me feel very uncomfortable.


Wal-mart offers a one year warranty on kids eyewear that covers everything but loss or theft at no charge...guess that beat LensCrafters. Oh and the glasses are way less expensive.


Kids glasses are 50 % off right off the bat..u spend maybe 200 bucks for ur kids vision..Lenscrafters understands kids aren't the most careful and give u that cheap benefit for ur kid and then they have a year where else will allow ur kid to beat up their glasses for a year and come back and get a new set for even half off the original half off u paid...when u buy ur kids new school shoes and he wears them for a year do u go back to the store and get a new pair cuz one has *** in it?! Your the customers that make a job miserable..a job that helps people of the greatest gifts..u take away that joy with ur ungrateful attitude


if lenscrafters wasnt in the mall..they would have some real repairs to take care of. dey on some serious bs


You asked for a refund instead of getting a new pair of glasses? After 3 months of a KID wearing them?!?!

LOL. The glasses didn't break themselves, lady! It's people like you that are ruining out economy with your "stomp-my-feet-until-I-get-a-refund" ways.

I hate people like you. Disgusting to the American name.


I used to work for LensCrafters. Compared to places like Walmart and Shopko, etc.

their frames are actually pretty good for the price. We had broken frames come in from time to time but it was USUALLY from abuse. The warranty is clearly stated on every receipt.

If you want a replacement, you will get a 50% discount--not a full refund. I don't think you have good reason to be upset.


Amazing. Finally got refunded. It's a matter of prinicple.


Hey Sally,

Must be nice if you consider $430 for a kid cheap. Maybe you can afford $1000 lens/glasses. Go for it girl.


Don't buy a cheap frame next time, ***!