Cincinnati, Ohio

We went to Lens Crafters today at 2:30 in the afternoon. We had appts with the Dr.

@ 3:30 and 3:40. We went early so we could pick out frames and was told the Dr. only had 2 app ahead of us and that we would see him early. Guess what we did not get seen till 4:30 mand that was after I complained.

Then we sat down with a associate at Lens Crafters and was told to buy the glare protection for our glasses because it realy helps, but we would have to send your glasses out and you would have to come back in 1 week or 2 or we could mail them to you. After another 30 min. we were told to come back at 7:10 And they would take care of us right away. We finaly walked out of there at 8:00 p.m.

It took us 5 1/2 hrs to get our exam and glasses. I can't believe they say within 1 hr. And I can't believe they try to sell you things they do not have. I was mad with the service we rec'd, I don't think we will go back.

It cost as much as it would of going to a private practice.

What happened to the special of $165.00 dollars it cost me with a 50% coupon 231.00 for my pair and $258.00 for my daughter's.

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The optometrist at Lenscrafters, depending on the state, are either employed by Lenscrafters or may be subleased doctors where the doctor is basically rending space from Lenscrafters. However, there is no excuse for the doctor being that delayed unless there was some sort of an emergency, which is highly unlikely.

The glasses themselves may take an hour to make but that is providing that the lens is in stock and the machinery is working properly.

You can't honestly expect for Lenscrafters to have every possible prescription and lens material in stock do you? That is just ludicrous.


How old is your daughter - ?

is she under 16 -

if that is the case -she would need the polycarbonate ( featherwate lens )_ which is not included in that 169 pkg -

only the BARE BONES basic - lens is included - which just as a FYI - is not uv protected always - ( unless you purchase that ) -

so if your daughter does not fall under the under 12 kids free polycarbonate lens - and if she is under 16 - you would need the polycabonate lens ( taht is if you want to ensure her eyes have a impact resistant lens -

( would not know why any parent - REGARDLESS OF cost - would insist that there kid gets a basic plastic lens - that is unsafe ) - just because they could not get the SPECIAL FREE LEN ?

and even as for adults - anyone that does not get uv protection - is just nutts -

did you know most uv damage - actually happend to the eye - when you are under 21 years old ? and even as adult s- YOU SEE WHAT uv does to your skin - with skin cancer - and sun burns - why would you not want to protect your eyes - ?

as for that non glare lens - I love mine - ! and would wait 4 weeks if i had 2 - esp since i am not one that has only 1 pr - and no back ups - and refuses to have a back up - and gets mad when they break and they have none -


ps -- the od's are not lenscrafters - and are there own business - so i don't think you should group them together -

since lenscrafters has no control of what happens in there offices -


""I can't believe they say within 1 hr. And I can't believe they try to sell you things they do not have.""

is of all - i think they say

"glasses in about an hour "

however - we all know - there are situations that will not allow this to happen - say - a machine may be down or having issues -

or maybe the glasses did not pass there quality inspection - personally

i would rather the glasses take 10 hrs - is that is what it takes for them to be perfect -

think of it this way - maybe - if they knew you would feel so strongly about them having to redo them - ect - if they just gave them to you -and you left -

usually - (( at least when i was in optical for 5 yrs ( no longer ) - they would fail a pr of glasses for say a MINOR cleaning scratch - but 99% of the time YOU WOULD have never known - BUT since most folks take great pride in there work - they did not want you to take them -

when i was there - they always - would apologize - and maybe even give a extra 5 or 10 % - for customer service - but if the PT where jerks - or not nice - I would never try to offer this - since we all know - things do happen - and you can not make everyone happy -

2ndly -- as for the non glare products and trying to sell something not in STOCK - i can see you need that INSTAND GRADification - and one that hates to wait - but why wouldn't every one want the best possible vision - ?

WELL I hate to tell you - BUT THE OPTICS would be far better - with that non glare coatings - and although you may have to wait -

they where only trying to give you the best -

NOT sure if you where any type of bifocal - or progressive - BUT NO MATTER WHERE YOU GO _ THESE CAN NOT BE DONE SAME DAY -

and if you wear a single vision lens - or picked out a semi rimless pr of glasses - they also need to be ordered to be made correctly -

BUT it is clear - you do not like to wait - for much - even though it may be better for your optics - or even it is CLEAR that the appearance is much better - with non glare -

so if you don't mind a pr of glasses with GLare - a pr that just does not look the best it can -

and if you don't think you need it - (( even though if you look at any eye doctor - or anyone - that is in the field that UNDERSTANDS the benefits of it -- that is ok -

don't you think it is odd - that 99.9& of the doctors wear it - YOU don't come to the conclusion that it makes you see better - well fine -

but don't bash folks for trying to give you the best for your vision - just because you want them on -- in 1 hr -

i would educate yourself better - and not always listen to others - when it comes to what gives you the best vision -

I just love when folks that just don't UNDERSTAND what something does - TOTALLY - say - OH it is NOT NEEDED !!!

or i have no issues with night time driving - when in fact it does so much more then that -

and lastly - i love those that try to compare odl products to new ones - saying - oh i tried that and i hated it - when in fact the products are no where near the same - yes - when the ar 1st came out - there where quality issues - however it is now perfected and only those lazy folks that will not take care of it properly have issues - and they still blame others -- when the lenses have issues saying teh product is bad -

best of luck !! -


:cry :cry :cry :cry


aww boo hoo.

get over it. life could be worse.


Well I don't think the appiontment has anything to do with the "one hour" deal at the actual store. At any place you go they will always try to sell you something better that you probably don't need for your glasses.

Personaly when I go to lenscrafters I get my glasses exactly when I'm told they will be done. Maybe it was just not your day.