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Update by user Apr 26, 2014

Hello All, I wanted to update my post. A member of Lens Crafter reached out to me, and they reevaluated the condition of my lenses.

After evaluating that the lenses had a defect they replaced them for me free of charge, no further questions asked. The district manager I worked with was very pleasant and very apologetic. I am grateful that they resolved the problem when it was brought to the corporate level.

The problem with the lens was a rare problem, especially considering I have been a lens crafter customer for 20 years and never had a problem like it. I was very glad to see that the issue was finally resolved.

Original review posted by user Apr 19, 2014

I purchased my glasses less than six months ago from a Lens Crafters and paid almost 400 for them. Within a month I noticed a strange foggy pattern that appeared on only one side of my glasses lens.

I am always extremely careful with my glasses and only clean them with water and the cloth made for glasses cleaning. When the spots on the lens started to severely obstruct my vision, I took the glasses to my optometrist who agreed that the problem with my glasses was a defect in the lens itself. He explained that this is common for lens crafter glasses to have the 'anti glare" or anit-scratch film to 'peel off" causing this defect.

When I visited a lens crafter in my local area to fix this problem, the staff member I worked with was extremely rude. She did not even look at my glasses carefully to see what the problem is. She dismissed the problem as "scratches", again she didn't even look at my glasses. I tried to hand them to her and she waved me away and tried to sell me a new pair. From the photo attached you can see that the problem clearly is not scratches and there is some-type of defect inside the lens itself. Only on one lens.

The customer service in the store was non existent. I have never been spoken to so rudely from a sales person and I am a frequent customer of lens crafter, having worn glasses for the past 20 years. A friend of mine came to the store with me and was also surprised at the customer service. When I came home I wrote a complaint to on lens crafters website but never heard anything back.

I will never shop at a lens crafters again and I am sharing with my family and friends my experience. Embarrassingly enough the spots on the glasses are visible when I wear them and other people question "oh there is something wrong with your glasses" I tell them that I received the glasses from lens crafters to warn people of this problem. Its clear that the damage is 'inside" the lens.

I have always chosen lens crafter because of the claim to have quality lenses however from my experience I feel very cheated and scammed. I can't believe that they won't even offer a solution or help of any kind for a defect with their product. I have researched this problem and found it is somewhat common for people who purchase from lens crafters which makes me even more concerned.

Buyer Beware!

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I purchased my glasses from LC last August (2018) and paid about $600 - progressives, antiglare, transition (no warranty). I have been a loyal LC customer for about 15 years (computer glasses, distance, prescription sun etc).

Within a few months I noticed that both lens appeared 'foggy'; the right far more than the left. I don't live in the US and when I returned 6 months after purchase, I visited another LC and they said they're scratches and no warranty - no help. On another trip I went to the store in South Florida I purchased from (still under one year) and the sales person was not very pleasant: it's scratched etc. But reading these comments I believe that the lenses were faulty and peeling.

I decided to get a new pair elsewhere and they said they were indeed peeling.

I've always taken very good care of my glasses and have never had any issues before. I will not return to LC again.


I have the same problem and this is second time. Im wondering if this is whats caising my migraines daily. Nothing seems to stop them.


Customer service is not defined as giving you what you want because you throw a tantrum. Sounds like you destroy your glasses, lie and say you’re “so careful” and then turn around and use your sleeve to clean them, just like the majority of people who don’t know how to care for their glasses.

For something so expensive you’d think you would ACTUALLY care for your glasses rather than complain when you ruin them. Can you go to a car dealership and replace your car for free because you drove it into the ground?


I had the same problems with my lenses which I purchased from Lenscrafters. Right after my warranty was over my lenses started to get foggy, they were transition lenses and the coating start fading.

Lenscrafters ask me if I wore my glasses on my head because they seam to be baked in the sun. Really Transition lenses should i taken them off when i was out in the sun?

lol My question is That I like to know where I can apply a complain. I Finally got new lenses from another store and they assured me that the lenses are defective.


What an intelligent response! You know, they must program their lenses to self-destruct the DAY the protection plan expires.

Maybe they’re using alien technology to make the lenses. You’re a bright one!!!


I purchased my glasses in 2016 in Charlotte . I payed almost $400 for them, and began noticing scratches and cloudiness on them.

I am careful with my glasses, no line bi-foals. I went back in and they replaced the lenses. Now it is happening again!!!! I am in Jacksonville now, and am going to try to get some help with this.

I will never agree to a coating on glasses again! Not sure where to go to get glasses next year!


The same is happening to my lenses. Lenscrafters said they could help me only if I had a protection plan.................


Why don’t you?


What is a no line bi foal? All lenses have coatings.

It’s how you take care of them, not an excuse when YOU scratch them and then blame the store you got them from! I’ve NEVER had a single issue with my glasses from LC and I’ve had many.


I have the same foggy spots on my Lenscrafter lenses after less than a year. This is the most I ever paid for lenses so I plan to complain.


My glasses from Sears has done the same thing! The lady that helped is not very professional.

I've been with them for over 12 years and when I got my new glasses 3 weeks ago they did not have the anti glare which I told her I wanted what I always have ordered.They did not have it.

Called 2 weeks ago and she told me it would be $30.00 well they charged me $60.00. Would just as well go to a Americas best


DO NOT waste you're time with Americas Best. After remaking my glasses three times I asked for a refund.

I was told that they would have to take the price of the eye exam off the refund.

The amount left over from that was $27 for TWO pair of glasses!!! A real scam shop!!


I had the same problem and LC did replace them. 6 months later, they did it again!!

I just gave up and stopped buying from LC. Plus I have to drive 160 miles round trip just to get to their store in Tucson. Never had the problem with glasses I get now.

$500.00 wasted!!

PS, I had been going to LC for 15 - 20 years. Thay lost a good customer!!




I just buy my glasses online anymore. The coating wears away a little faster than glasses bought at an optometrist. They might last 2 years or so with everyday use, but they are only $60 as compared to the hundreds I would have to spend at a place like Lenscrafters


Thanks, I purchase glasses now at COSCO, it only cost me $100.00 - Even though Lenscrafter did fix the problem, a friend of mine has had the same issue with both his Lens Crafter glasses- he keeps them in the cases and washes them with warm water only, the glasses are overpriced for the quality.


Wow. The very same thing is happening right now to my $500 glasses.

The CSR pretended that she did not know what happened. This is a rip.off.

Hope everyone beware and do not fill your prescription with them. More so the location at Bramalea city centre.


Same thing happened to my $700 glasses, that I've had for 13 months. They tried to tell me that it was my fault...either the way I cleaned them or laying the glasses on the lenses, which I have NEVER done.

After reading several similar stories, I'm sure they knew about the problem and just flat lied to me! Im 60 yrs old - all my friends have glasses...the EXPENSIVE ones. I'm also on Facebook.

I'm telling everyone I know to NEVER go to LensCrafters (and they won't)! They aren't the only eyeglass company in town!

@No more LensCrafters for me

OMG! Same thing just happened to me!!!

Soooo upset! My first pair I had for less than 6 months and the spots started appearing and just got worse until they obstructed my vision. Went back to Lenscrafters and they replaced the lenses free of charge. Said to keep them away from heat.

Then it happened again! Just came home from there and they refused to do anything! Told me this time it was the way I was cleaning my glasses. Really??!!

$400 in the hole and I have to go and purchase a new pair!! Grrr!


That’s because IT IS the way you are cleaning your glasses. There is a 0% chance that you got defective lenses and then went back 6 months later, got new lenses, for free, from a completely different lot of lenses and they were also defective in the same way. No sense