Coquitlam, British Columbia

I went to Lenscrafters when it was time to replace my old glasses. The pair I got first were nice designer glasses.

They were, however discounted and lower priced. I bought them thinking they would last me awhile. After 3 months, the armbroke off. I went back, and they ended up exchanging my nice designer glasses with cheap metal frames that were flimsy at best.

After 2 weeks, the screw fell out of the left arm. I brought them back to the store, and they didn't have the right screw for the frames, so they put another screw in which caused the frame to split. I brought them back, very frustrated now because I need my glasses to see. I explained what happened to the store manager, and he proceeded to tell me that I have to take partial responsibility for them.

I explained to him that I have been wearing glasses my whole life and I have never had a pair of glasses break so quickly. He got very angry with me when I tried to tell him that it wasn't my fault. He told me that he would pop my lenses out, and give me the identical frame. He told me to come back in 15 minutes, which I did.

When he gave me the glasses, they seemed fine at first, but they were the same *** frames that fell apart on me the first time. After working for four hours right after getting my new glasses, the arms were becoming very loose and wiggly. I knew these things wouldn't last me a month. I went back to the store after my shift, and he was very rude to me.

I tried to show him how loose the arms had gotten in only a few hours, and he told me that we were having a difference of opinion, and that they were fine. I told him that I have worn glasses for many years, and that I don't want to cause trouble. I told him that I need glasses to see, to work, or to do most things and without them I am handicapped. He did offer me a refund in the end, but I would have to give him back my glasses and I would have to live without them for at least a week or two before I would get another pair from another vendor.

I am so frustrated! That guy made me feel like I was trying to benefit from this experience. I ended up getting cheap frames which didn't hold up, and was overcharged in the end because my original designer glasses were worth way more than the junk they replaced them with. I want to go back to the store and get a refund, but when I passed the store today, that guy was standing there and I was intimidated about going back in.

I know my current frames will not last, but I'm too scared to go in and face that big fat bully again.

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You did say you got the designer frames at a discounted price, do you think that just because those broke you should benifit getting another designer frame that isn't discounted thats worth more at the equal price? Makes no sense....stop being soo cheap and take responciblity for trying to save a few nickels and dimes...I mean you do need to see right?

To function like you say, so why head to the clearance section and expect top dollar out it? For example if I buy an 88 ford escort I dont expect it to be as good as an 08 mustang !


Is it possible thatyou broke your "designer" glasses because you did not take care of them? Is it possible that as a professional he knew better than you, the quality and condition of the repalcement pair he offered?

Is it possible that you wanted to replace a clearance designer with a full price designer because you busted the first ones? Be real get over yourself. He even offered you your money back. Sounds like you are the one with the problem not him.

Oh the way if you are so dependant on your eyewear...don't be so cheap. Buy a spare pair so you are not so dependant on one hour service.