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bought pair was given my BC/BS discount still cost me 600.00 all the coating and protections and they are all scratched worst lenses in 50 years of eyeglass wearing. Technician bent and scratched frames.

I thought I would splurge since I had bought from others. Bad idea and don't by the warranty there isn't one. Don't try the 90day BS and as for my $39.00warranty they cover the glasses when they are falling off your face but runout when they land and break.

Anywhere but LesCrafters Never, Never ,never buy from their stores and if you got them at one lencrafters don't even think about going to the one in the next town for service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Dear Yvonne, there is no big % off when using the LensCrafters account. That is solely there for convenience so you have 6 months to pay for your glasses without having to pay right then.

It is YOUR choice to do this. As far as taking "5 hours" to complete everthing, you probably came as a walk-in, meaning without an appointment to see the doctor for starters, then you probably took another hour to pick out your frames. So yes it will take some time, however, no one is ever in for 5 hours I'm sure that is an exaggeration on your part. As far as the glasses coming in later than the 14 Business days, yes things do happen and unfortunately it is outside of the employees working at the locations' control.

These employees are just the face and buffer you get to see. You are not the only person ordering glasses, get over yourself!


funny I was in lencrafters for close 4 hour s so I can believe 5 hours lenscrafters when they say 50 % off lenses and frames simply jack the prices up to make the difference up


I have had the opportunity to work at LensCrafters as a Lab Manager in my life and it was a great experience. I can say that it is the LC associates job to inform the customer everything they should need to know about their new glasses.

With new coatings and digital lenses it is sometimes difficult for the customer to understand. Do NOT LISTEN TO g6MAN, there can be defects in lenses, I have seen it a lot as a LAB MANAGER and as REGIONAL QUALITY MANAGER. I have now started working for another lens company but can tell you that LC has their stuff together. For all the customers out there: YOU HAVE A 90 DAY PROMISE.

FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER YOU CAN HAVE YOUR GLASSES REMADE OR EVEN RETURN THEM FOR A FULL REFUND. the $29 insurance is there for you. As a consumer you can get new frame and lenses as many times you want in your year and its at your discretion. If you are not getting anywhere as for the General Manager.

If that is still not helping ask for the Regional General Manager...

this person gets things done and can kick some ***. Again I am sorry there are some bad apples out there but as a company I can say they do care.


I though part of the job was teaching patients how to care for their glasses. It's also kinda sad that you can only trust the lab manager to make the glasses and not the rest of the staff. Kinda makes LC not look so good.


next time you people go and get glasses talk with the licensed optician and request that you have the lab manager make the glasses. then you wont have to deal with the BS.

I know this because I work at lenscrafter

@Lenscrafters Hater-there is no such thing as a defective lens ***.

anything that happens to a lens is abuse whether it is scratched, crazed, stress cracks, etc. Obviously no one has properly taught you how to care for your lenses.


The only Lenscrafters located near me is over 20 miles away. I got glasses there and in less than a year they were worse looking than a pair I had for over 10 years from another place.

When I took these frames back they informed me that the extra warranty I bought merely allowed me a $25 co-pay for repairs (so basically I was scammed). I complained because it was a manufacturer's defect and not my fault that ONE lense looked like someone had taken a quarter to it. I take very good care of my glasses and knew it was not my fault. They finally agreed to not charge me, but said they didn't have time to do it that day.

I had to drive another 40 mile round trip to return for them the next day. At that visit, they had lost my glasses, so it took a while for them to find them, almost making me late for a meeting. When I got home and put them on, I noticed an awful glare all around the lenses that hadn't been on my last pair. I was infuriated.

It gave me headaches and made me dizzy. I couldn't wear them at night because the glare was so bad. I had to return to make another 40-mile round trip and waste over an hour in a town I never go to, just to get them fixed, HOWEVER, of course these people can't get anything right. They only fixed ONE SIDE.

Those idiots wasted yet another 40 mile round trip, and time out of my life to not do their job correctly. So yet again, I will have to drive over there and get them to fix the other side. I am so mad.

I would never use this company again and will be sure to tell others about their horrible service and EXCUSES that I was given by these people. PATHETIC!!


:( i had my eyes ex at eastview mall. toke them 5 hr to compleat everything it over a month i still do not have my glass's i call and call it long distant for me!

they sent my glass's out came back scratch still waiting i talk to a girl again today she call me back in about 15 min it over3 hrs no call what heck is going on here. :eek i sign up for the lencrafters charge card to get big % off i paid for them still nothing what kind of bussnies are you running