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This past Sunday I went to Lencrafters to look into sunglasses since it was the last day of their 40% off sale according to the details in the ad. I wanted to go with Varilux Physio Enhanced since this is what I use in my everyday glasses and they have been the best performing progressive lenses I have had. I decided to get a pair of Ray Ban frames. Here is what my receipt says:

Sunglasses 145.95

40% sale discount -58.38

Lens Packages 1225.00

40% sale discount -490.00

Crizal Alize AR S36 PKG

Polarized Grey PKG

1 year protection 29.99

Tax 2.85

Total 855.41

I apparently wasn't thinking straight that day since I should have questioned the $1225.00 retail price of the lenses. Even with the sale discount, the price is $735 for the lenses. I have never spent that much for Varilux lenses even at independent Optometrists. even shows the full retail at $612 with their discount price of $301. There is a $75 charge for adding the Crizal anti reflection with still only brings it up to $376.

I have a couple of choices.

1. Call Lenscrafters and cancel my order and ask for a refund. They said it would be about 2 weeks to get the lenses in.

2. Wait for the lenses and see if they will match the retail price and then apply the 40% discount. If they will not match the price then take advantage of the 90 day unconditional guarantee and get a refund.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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You pay for the Quality Of the Lens I have got varilux looks lenses from Lenscrafters for years! Are they expensive Yes is the quality there Yes people that complain about The prize need to go shop at America’s best that’s the quality you deserve!!


Lencrafters are rip off artist


Consider urself lucky...they used to only allow 20% off varilux lenses and now they don't discount them at all...


You were told 90 days? I was told 30 days from order date (June 10) and I was told the 30 days start when I pick them up. When I was able to pick them up it was 17 days after the order (6/27) and was now told I had only until July 10 for any changes, exchange and then they could do nothing for me.


maui jim does not use varilux and there progressive prices are 550 or 650 depending on if you go with poly or 1.6 lens material. you got ripped.


I asked for Verilux lenses and got a pretty decent price with my insurance. Within a couple of months I noticed a lot of scratches on the lens.

I took a closer look and found that I do not have Verilux lenses at all. If you hold the lenses up and look at light you can see an identifier mark on them. None of the marks are what Verilux shows on their websites. My guess is LensCrafters are pulling a fast one on unsuspecting customers.

I will never go back there again. Go to an independant optometry dispenser for a better deal.


Is the varilux that maui jim sells and the varlux, lenscrafters sell, the same varilux? i am quite confused on the difference in prices and am wondering if there are different grades of varilux or are they all the same?


Plus, the lens are defective. The anti-glare coating came right off mine.


You didn't seriously consider paying 1225 for plastic lenses? These people should have been out of business two decades ago.


I have purchased glasses from Lenscrafters for year and I have had only one issues and they fixed it right away no questions ask.


Not anymore!!!


Go to Costco . .

.. sooooo much cheaper and good quality.


Costco doesn't sell Varilux


I went to LensCrafters yesterday and I was to,d they did not discount Varilux lenses 40%. They said they could only discount them 20%.


I would never buy eyeglasses at LensCrafters. Their prices are super inflated and workmanship is poor.

I don't consider them professional at all, especially if you're buying Varilux lenses.

They couldn't even get my lenses measured correctly. So glad that I asked for a refund!


I concur the person below works for them I was quoted thirteen hundred dollars for Varilux lens .Nothing but a ripoff. I would never do business with them. Avoid any company offering a 35% discount in most cases they simply raised their prices 35% knocked it off to fool the customer.Also make sure that you are really getting what your paying for nikon will be marked on the eyeglass and have a certificate of authenticity so will most hi end Essilor products, no marking or certificate of authenticity most likely you've been ripped off.


Lenscrafters sales exclude varilux lenses. so when you factor in the services they provide you actually got a great deal.

I'm not sure what lenscrafters some of the negative comments are coming from but I've been to the "other guys" and they dont even come close to the level of knowledge and care I've received with lenscrafters.

killsme is right about the return and exchange policy.


You obviously work for LC, as I used to. Let me tell you all, they're overpriced and their stores will do everything to get you to spend more money.

It's not about what's best for you but instead his they can meet their daily sales goals. Everything they offer is grossly overpriced - run to another place to purchase frames and lenses!


You work for them huh? Lenscrafters is a

Big ripoff. Over inflated prices and no knowledge at all


I paid $200.00 for my Varilux lenses at walmart