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I paid cash to the Stamford Mall Lenscrafters Store on 05/23, for 2 pairs of glasses and have been trying to get my cash refund back since last Wednesday, 06/01. There are a bunch of incompetent people working there, now, that have no clue as to what's going on in the store.

The workmanship and competence of both the outsource company and the inhouse workers are sub-standard. Due to the poor workmanship on the frames/lenses I had selected for sunglasses(after which I was advised by the Manager, Laura, and one of the store's employees that I needed to select another set of frames)and the run around regarding when both my glasses would be ready, added to a fraudulent $20 repair charge by the Manager, Laura, and their poor customer service, overall, I decided to get my money back to purchase my glasses at a more reliable and professional establishment.

Not only did they refuse to give me my cash back as they claimed they only kept $400 or $300 in the store depending on whom you speak with but they are trying to "force" me to receive a check via mail in lieu of my cash refund which they told me that I would have to deposit or cash it against my bank account. *** NO! I no longer trust them. This is not written in their 90 Day Unconditional, "Hassle Free" Guarantee, anywhere, not even on the receipt and believe me I asked about it before I purchased my glasses.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau on 06/02, and have also spoken with someone at the Attorney General's Office who handles policy enforcement. Depending on what the Executive Liaison for the President office tells me today, 06/06, I will determine if I will also file a complaint with Consumers Affairs. My sister-in-law works for Channel 7, so I also have the 7 on your side option. For me, it is partially about the money and partially about the principle.

No one should go through this type of hassle for a mere $584.47.

Thanks for reading my post. Good Luck with your battles with them!

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I used to work there and they do only keep about 300 in the register. If you need a cash refund you either have to luck out and hit that store on a very busy cash day or you can return at a busier store that is more likely to have had more cash transactions.

It is common practice to issue a ready refund check if they do not have the cash on hand. Though when I worked there these checks were kept in the safe and managers could issue them same day.


Then they need to make that very clear