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I had an appointment at Lencrafters for my eye exam today. I've been wearing contacts for 13 years now.

I still have my valid previous contact prescription and I had it present at the exam today. My current prescription doesn't expire until the end of next month. My appointment took 2 hours, but that's not the issue. The issue was that I wasn't told that I wouldn't get my new contact prescription until I come back to let the Doctor know that my contacts are okay.

Nothing changed from my previous prescription. This doctor said it was her policy to make all contact customers come back to let her know if they are okay or not. Regardless if a person have been wearing contacts. I've paid my co-pay and I shouldn't have to waste my time and gas coming back up to Lenscrafters just to make this doctor feel better.

If she isn't confident enough to give exams and write prescriptions then maybe Lenscrafters should replace her. This is an bad experience I had and I will make sure I let my friends and family know not to go to Lenscrafters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Doctor.

Reason of review: Issue with this doctor.

Preferred solution: I want to get my contact prescription tomorrow. Without having to go to another appointment just to tell her my contacts are okay..

LensCrafters Cons: Being lied to.

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