Reston, Virginia

It's been several weeks since we ordered our glasses, we keep being put off. Today I called the willow grove Pa mall lenscrafter and was spoke to like a child.

I was polite and asked why there has been another delay. Put on hold. We keep getting told they will be on a Monday, or they would call to tell us why they weren't. Jackie at the store was short and abrupt.

When I asked what the problem was she just said they were sent to a third party company.

I said that is what we were told 2 weeks ago. She talked down to me, and when I said please don't talk to me that way she hung up on me..

Monetary Loss: $485.

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Hi I'm Holly w/ LC. I apologize for the service you received at the Willow Grove location.

I would be happy to check the status of your order, and discuss this situation with the Regional Management team. Please email me at iCare with any additional details I may need including the name the order was placed under. I am confident we can find a happy resolution.

Thanks! :)


The number is 1-877-753-6727


As a former employee of LensCrafter's I can tell you that on occasion lenses can be backordered, become damaged in shipment, or have to be ordered from a different lab. These things can take time to occur in order to get you the best product possible.

Now with that said, you should not have been dealt with like that.

If you can not get the manager to help you, call the LensCrafters 800 number and you will get your glasses for free. Its the LensCrafters secret motto, give stuff away for free if it gets to the higher ups.