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I have spent almost a week's salary on new frames and lenses which was my decision, of course, at Lenscrafters at the Avenues at West Cobb, Georgia. But, when I went to pick up the glasses (had to be sent out because of anti-reflective coating which took five days) they had used the wrong prescription.

Lenscrafters cannot guarantee that the glasses will be ready before I leave for vacation (they have six days to complete).

How can anyone be sure that the correct prescription was used for their glasses?!?! Why does it take so long for a coating?!?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $446.

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Well, you just said it took 5 days. Think about it, out of those 5 days, it takes a day or two for shipping.

So 5 days is actually pretty fast! Anything that goes to an outside processing site, we do not guarantee under 10 business days. So the fact that you received it in 5 is great!

Now, each store is having an A/R machine installed in store so now A/R's can be done in about an hour instead of having to send out. We have installed in about a third of our locations thus far, about 300 stores...


They are sending the lenses to a lens crafters lab........ People get a clue Lenscrafters is a money robbing operation run by non optical people... They want your money , not your loyalty.......


Not sure about LC reasons but IMAGINE - that your power does not come in a sSTOCK lens - off the shelf - SO Therefore the lens must be ground with your power - and then coated -

IT IS VERY UNLIKELY _ each store will have a custom ar coater since they can run 75 - 250 K - that is why there are company's that do this for the industry -

As for - they can not promise your glasses - in time for vacation - WELL I WOUDL Not either at my office - since it is OUT OF THERE CONTROL - on the production - and quality control at that company

THings do - and will happen - and usually these rush jobs - everything will go wrong that can - so - i would not be to upset at them now - since it appears they are doing almost everything they can -