Frederick, Maryland
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I went to get my annual eye exam and new glasses in may. When I picked up my glasses they adjusted them and i was on my way.

I went back two weeks later because the glasses hurt after wearing them for more than two hours. The associate adjusted them and I again was on my way. I returned two more times between July and September. On my last visit the associate said maybe these frames just aren't for you.

I left and gave them another few weeks. In between each visit I went back to my old glasses due to the discomfort. I called in November and asked what could be done and the associate told me that since it was past the 90 day mark that they couldn't help me. I asked the manager to call me.

The Manager called the next day and asked what the issue was. I asked what he was going to do to correct the situation since they are basically not usable. He said I should have come in before the 90 day mark and told me I would have to buy new glasses. I asked for some assistance since these were over $500.

He said he was unable to do anything. He also added that if I called the corporate office I would get the same response. So here I am with a $500 pair of glasses that are useless.

Its a new year and I guess my new glasses will be purchased from someone that treats me fair........Its funny that Lenscrafters is so short sighted and will loose a lifetime of glasses from not just one person but a whole family!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Well you could go to Pearl Vision, oh yea, Lenscrafters owns them . You could go to Sears Optical, oh yea, Lenscrafters owns them too.

Ok then, go to Target Optical, oops, they own them too.

Have you considered going to an independent Optical? Chances are, they dont own them!!