Duncan, Oklahoma

I woud like to say first, that i just viewed the new comercial. I am upset with the statement that our eyes are the window of the gods.

This statement was thrown into the middle of many other statements about eyes. This statement tells me your are not a christian company. I am not sure how many christians are aware of this but i will tell everyone not to support your athiest company . There is only one God and He sent His son Jesus to die for the sins of the world.

He is returning soon for His church. I pray your company comes to repentance and accepts Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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OMG I pray that you *** lol


how are they athiests if they believe in gods?


ohh please


Did you know that to date LensCrafters has provided over 8.5 million people with free eyecare when they could not otherwise afford it...they have helped Mothers see their children's faces for the very first time, they have helped people get back into the job market with clear vision all through the charitable foundation of Onesight...google it sir...doesn't get more Christian than that by walking the walk and actually doing something for their fellow human being instead of 'judging'


To the OP: I am a Christian, and I think someone needs to loosen his Bible belt.


Are you honestly complaining that a company isn't Christian-based? Lenscrafters is there to sell eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc., not to cater to your demands regarding religion. I believe you'll find most companies are not in the business to promote one religion over another, except, you know, churches and Christian-based bookstores.


They would be monotheists, not athiests. Anyway, do they really say that or did you mishear?

window of the Gods makes no sense. Are you sure it wasn't "windows to the soul"?