Skillman, New Jersey

On June 27th I called and made an appointment to go to the LensCrafters at 100 Main Street, White Plains, NY. My first contact there was your Office Manager, Javel Fuller.

I had been going to Cohen Optical for approximately 30 years, however, their customer service has gone so far downhill, they will never come back. I have been working in the corporate world since 1970 at IBM, Kraft General Foods, Town/Village of Harrison, NY and Heineken USA and I was thrilled with my first contact at LensCrafters, Javel Fuller. It is huge for a company to have someone like Javel be the first person and face of LensCrafters for people coming in for the first time. He is the utmost professional, kind, compassionate, helpful, smiling and friendly person who knows your business inside and out.

He is the epitome of what a gentleman and a professional should be. You are truly lucky to have him. He made my first experience there so positive that I have written a number of emails to all my friends and all the people I know about it. As White Plains is a City and a difficult place to work, I witnessed a couple of difficult customers and Javel handled them effortlessly.

I give him all the credit in the world. He never missed a beat and never stopped smiling and being helpful. Again, this is HUGE in the corporate world to have someone like this representing your company ... HUGE!!!!

People are always quick to complain but rarely take the time to write something nice or positive, so that is what I'm doing about Javel. I WANTED TO!!!! Thank you Javel for your outstanding personality and professionalism. Continued success to you.

Lenscrafters is lucky to have you!

Thank you!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Manager.

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Boy, Lens Crafters must be paying a lot of money for these corporate shills to post such drivel.


Hello Holly! It was my pleasure to write this.

My first sentence contained the location: I called and made an appointment to go to the LensCrafters at 100 Main Street, White Plains, NY.