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The manager at the Tuttle Mall branch (Melissa) overspoke me at every turn. You can't get through (with reasonable effort) to make a complaint above the store level.

It seems that each employee has their own rules to handling a customer complaint.

If your glasses are faulty then some employees say you have to submit a form and other say you can swap them out. It appears as a triple charge pending on your charge card (it does come off the next day) but they can't tell you why it shows that up that way, nor are they even aware that it does and last but not least GOOD LUCK getting a hold of anyone at the top at Lenscrafters.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

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Sounds like your “shopping” for an answer you like if you’ve talked with several employees. How exactly are you glasses faulty?

Maybe it’s something you did. . . Take them off and on with two hands.

Don’t wipe them on your shirt. Don’t wipe them dry. Don’t leave them in your car. When they are not on your face, keep them in their case.

Some best practice tips for you! ; ) If a pending charge is on your card it may take a few days to fall off and maybe you need to talk to the card company about it. LC higher ups don’t care about you or their employees.

All about the money. Your welcome!