Lincolnwood, Illinois
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My family and I have been going to LensCrafters for years for our eye care and the last few times we have visited have been extremely disappointing. This time I decided that I wanted both glasses and contact lenses...big mistake. I guess I should have gone to Four Eyes instead.

I have a very strong prescription so naturally I expected that I wouldn't walk out with both glasses and contacts that day. They said both had to be special ordered and would call as soon as they got it. My glasses would take less than a week and contacts a little longer. Fine.

A week went buy, no call. So I call myself and neither were ready...confused, the woman that answered said she would call when they were ready...2 days later I call AGAIN and they say that at least my glasses are ready. So I went in to pick them up, no problem there. Then they say that the contacts are still on the way and again, would let me know when they were ready...

Another week has gone by and I call myself because I hadn't received a call....again they tell me that they are STILL not ready...Getting a little impatient, I ask the woman when they will be ready?? She again tells me like all the other times that they would call me when they are in....a few more days go by, at this point it has been over 3 weeks since they supposedly placed my order...I call back again and I am placed on hold for a few minutes while the woman "checks" to see if they have come in. She tells me she will give me a call back, maybe because she didn't want to deal with my attitude because it has taken a ridiculous amount of time to get what a paying and loyal customers has asked for. Shortly after I get a call back from a different woman telling me they still have yet not arrived. Now I'm pissed. She tells me that these contacts take 7-14 days to come in...but it's been well over 14 days. She apologizes and reassures me that they will again give me a call when they are ready....I can be certain that this place will never see my nor my families business again. This entire process has been very frustrating and too much work to get what I have paid for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

LensCrafters Cons: 4 return trips.

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