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I puchased Oakley Capacitor frames from lenscrafters at 3107 S. Ih-35 Suite 780 Round Rock, Texas 78664.

After owning my frames, one of the screws fell off. I returned to the store where I had purchased them and asked for the frames to be fixed. The technician (haha) stated that they did not carry oakley screw replacements. He said he was not sure why but that his best guest was that oakley did not provide them with any extra screws.

He replaced the screw with a small gold bolt and nut. My frames are black. The screw doesn't even work. My frames are constantly lopsided and it is difficult to see through them.

My eyesight will suffer and I will probably have to go the the Doctor's office to have them checked again. I paid 198.00 for the frames plus $365.00 for featherwate lens (Poly). The grand total was 563.00.

I am extremely upset and disappointed, but most of all I am disquised with the idea that they sold me frames that they can't even properly service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Oakley is a joke when it comes to replacement screws when i spent 300 dollars on a pair of sun glasses i never expected that this "highly esteemed" company would just discontinue parts on their products or at least not have some sort of after market provider. if anyone knows where I can find a t5 screw for my romeo 2's I would be greatly appreciative.


who told you they have quit selling them? the only model they discontinued is the brown color because of unpopularity, your local dealer has lied to you if they said it is discontinued haha


I also have a pair of the capacitor, and the small wire that attaches the temple to the front lens broke. My optometrist also could not get parts Oakley does not sell them.

I was lucky it was within the first year so they were covered under warrantee, problem is Oakley has had so many return of this frame they quit selling them. It has been almost two months and I am still waiting for replacement frames.

Like the OP these frames site lopsided and are a pain to wear in my case with tape. I will not buy Oakley glasses again


My entire family has been buying oakley sunglasses for years and we've never had a problem. The occasional lost screw which we've contacted oakley about and they we're more than helpful every time. Recently I just bought a pair of oakley eyeglasses at lenscrafters and they've been great so far...


I purchased Oakley capacitor frames in Rome. When I purchased, I was concerned about the flimsy temple connections.

I was told that I could purchase parts online if it broke. Within one month, the *** think indeed broke.

I went to Lens Crafters to get it fixed and they told me the same think, 'we do not carry parts for Oakley, you have buy a new frame.' The customer service at Oakley has been a disaster... am never setting a foot close to one of their *** glasses


really.... a screw and you're ***?

i dropped 0ver $500 as well and when i waited 8 days to get my currency frames with transitions lenses and all the special stuff to go along with it, i pulled the glasses out of the case and noticed then that the lenses were still dark after sitting in the dark case. all day that i wore them they never "transitioned" and stayed looking as if they were prescription sunglasses. when i took them back to lenscrafters they said they were going to have to send them back to oakley.

that is what *** me off. oakley messes up my glasses and i have to wait even longer because oakley *** up


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after spending about 300 bucks on a pair of sunglasses, 'the best on the market' as one of the techs put it, my lenses fogged or spider cracked and could not see through them. They siad it was from heat sitting them on the dash of my car. Duh they are sunglasses, they are supposed to be for summer temps not Mt Everest..4 months past the year warranty - never again for either place or Oakley themselves.


Me too same exact pair of glasses! Love them but wil NEVER EVER buy another pair of Oakelys again.

Called customer service and they want me to mail in my glasses with a check for $49.99 and they will replace the screw and clean the lenses!! WTF 49.99 FOR A SCREW!!


There is a way to get what you need and want. The Lenscrafters Associate needs to call Oakley at the phone number listed in the consumer card found inside a brand new Oakley case- they can call and request parts for your frame, free of charge to you and them.

The parts will be sent to the store- takes up to 3 weeks sometimes... then the Associate can replace the screw for you, with the exact Oakley screw that fits and looks nice- Hope this helps...


The screw only holds the lens in the frame. It has nothing to do with your eyesight or the frames sitting lopsided.

Oakley is a PITA to deal with in my experience, I wouldn't be surprised if they charge for replacement screws.

It seems unlikely that the ONLY option for you is a gold nut and bolt. Most optical shops have a selection of numerous sizes of screws and can find one to work. However, I don't put it past oakley to use some nonstandard size that you have to order from them (as they do for their "earsocks" the rubber at the end of the temples). I recommend you find other oakley dealers in your area and see about getting a better fit for the missing screw.

However, the only loose screw that will affect your vision and make the glasses crooked is the one upstairs... ;-)