Holyoke, Massachusetts

went to lenscrafters at Holyoke Mall, to buy glasses for my wife, and get mine from company issued.

My wife asked where are the womens and Mens sections, the guy, the worker standing near us, replied that there are no sections any longer, I blurted out, to my wife, that is because the "machine" is trying to blur the line between boys and girls to appease the gays.

He got all upset stating that he is ***, I replied i dont care what you are, just want glasses.

well, I was told to leave the store. been going there for over 15 yrs, because of my work - but also buying my wifes glasses, while I was there.

apparently upper management there, or just at the place has it, that if one of their employees gets upset, WITHOUT ASKING WHY, they can take the loss.

So much for the customer is right - or has rights

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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If you were to go to any business and treat their employees with such disrespect, they would ask you to leave. Now you're posting a poor review because you were too ignorant to have an open mind about some one else's lifestyle.

You probably called their corporate office and complained there too.

It's people like you that make me hate working in a service industry. Go get educated and open your mind you goon.


You deserved to be kicked out. End of story; and if you don't know why then obviously you need a lesson in basic human courtesy, decency and plain old political correctness.


I would have told you to leave as well, you freakin' ***. What an *** you are. Feel sorry for your wife!


lenscrafters totally sucks, they are scammers, just like the rest of large, american corporations. seems to be the world we live in today.

but, glad you got kicked out! lol...

sad that there are so many people like you around- dumb, ignorant, homophobic... you only contribute to the problems of society. wonder why you & people like you are so consumed/threatened by people you hate?

basic psychology 101: homophobe=major closeted ***...masked by your own denial. how many times have you heard a *** person straight-bash?! they're not even thinking about you, but you're sure thinking about them...obviously!! oldest one in the book: you wish you had the insight and b***s to admit that you don't want a chick between the sheets, you want a *** think about it.

otherwise you wouldn't be as mad as you are reading this right now...or have the imagination to connect a glasses "machine" with being ***! imagine yourself walking down a busy street wearing a pair of loud, pink, rhinestone-studded jackie o's! could you do it?

doubt you could if there wasn't a soul around... :eek


you should of been made to leave, you bigot. :(


Hey Pinky the Stinky. I hope when you go places and verbally express your thoughts, they kick your butt out permanently for life.

Or maybe you never heard of the term Democracy.

You need to get educated before calling anyone names. I wonder what is the correct terminology for you di*kdabblingdoo*ylicking ho*chie.


At Lenscrafters, customers need to keep their opinions to themselves.