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They can make your glasses wrong and still not fix them. OUT THE GATE I noticed something on my lenses they assured me just clean it.

Asked them for cleaner they suggested but there's or they can't help you here just go home and wipe them down. Did that, spots didn't move, next day come back. She said it must be the oil in your hair from the twisties. Forget I spotted it yesterday BEFORE I TRIED THEM ON.

Today different lady so she is allowed to give me run around. Me broke stay at home mom had to deal with what they say. Next year I take my husbands insurance somewhere else. Showed doc my glasses, he explained to me what etching was.

Scratches in between the glasses. No possible way my fault. What really mad me mad is the day I got fitted for glasses Doc says there are some test she needs to do after I get my glasses. Please sign now for insurance purposes but we will do this test when u pick up your glasses.

Do you think it EVER happened? No she got to have in attitude the DAY I picked up my glasses because I noticed the spots, so I didn't try them on in front of her. My husband get home the NEXT DAY and asked me if I picked up my glasses I said Yes. Then he asked about the last test they billed his insurance for......

You know I felt like a dumby. He is mad because when the ladies seen my insurance plan" O you got a good one, your husband must have a Good Job." So they *** was willing to talk about Plane tickets. I'm pissed because I had to wait a year to get a decent pair of glasses from Site for Sore Eyes. I wish I could go back to Ossip.

Never go to Lensecrafters in Alameda, nice ladies to who they want to be, nice to me until I picked up my glasses. And noticed the spots OUT THE GATE. Only in one lense too, the right eye. I don't care to be contacted by company because they didn't care the DAY I PICKED THEM UP.

I had to PAY OUT OF POCKET. LENSECRAFTERS DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PEOPLE JUST MONEY. If you wunna contact me YES after you pull up my appointment and see that those after glasses test they made me sign for are not even for the day I paid and picked them up. IM PRETTY SURE THAT IS PROVABLE DUE TO THE WAY COMPUTERS WORK.

And due to THE DAY I PAID. Then when you serious Call me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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