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does lenscrafters ever have the same lens or frames???every time u go back with your glasses and need help or replacement, they dont have the frames you used now buy another frame and lens..nice friggin racket theyn got there.and get another exam too..never spend less than 300 everytime i go there..wtfok you want more here goes and now you must get the full exam because they automatically charge you for it..139 for exam in new jersey .holy ***...seems high doesnt it???400 for the day thank you much.*** me please

Monetary Loss: $300.

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frame styles change all the time. can you go and get the same pair of shoes a year later. i dont think so

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Why should we say "no" and go elsewhere. Do you expect another retailer to replace LC's defects when it's originally purchased from LC? I'm sure you don't like to resolve problems or help customers - you'd rather dump them off or "blow them off" to someone else to deal with.


You could've said "no" and gone elsewhere. I'm sure you weren't held at gunpoint.

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