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I was reading reviews and comments about Lensecrafters and how the film on their glasses come off within a year. So here is my experience- After a year of wearing my glasses the coating (inside frame) started to wear off. This time I had warranty on them so I went to Lensecrafters and they said that this type of thing happened's to 1/ 10000 people. 7 months latter same thing started happening, they told me that I had no warranty and that I had to buy a new set of glasses. After an hour of arguing with the manager (whom the whole time she said I was doing something wrong like cleaning them with my shirt or using a cloth that was no clean enough) she gave in saying they would replace them one last time and that she would write a note in my profile saying not to replace my glasses. I can only guess that the film will come off again because why would it not. Save yourself from buying from Lensecrafters they just want to steal your money. A $300 pair of glasses should last you way more than a year and they do NOT tell customers that the film will come off within a year and they blame it on the customer every time. I hope I Saved some of you people reading this review/comment same time, money, and aggravation.


This problem also happened to my friend and hundreds of other people on forums, this is not an isolated incident

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

LensCrafters Pros: Range of products you offered, Selection of frames.

LensCrafters Cons: Bad quality products, Staff attitude, Smug attitude, Over priced.

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Lenscrafters told me the same thing since I complained about foggy spots on my lenses. They said the anti-reflective coating comes off from cleaning if you don't use a special cloth.

I told them I have worn glasses since I was 12 years old, and this had never happened. Obviously this coating is coming off too easily, and Lenscrafters is blaming the customer. The lenses are defective. There were no scratches on my lenses from cleaning with a dirty cloth.

They did to agree to replace them, no charge. I hope they get enough complaints that they quit selling lenses with the coating.


For something that you wear 365 days a year, $300 isn't bad. Glasses should last 1-2 years because that is the length of the RX. You can't expect glasses to last 5 years, and if you do, you are doing your eyes a disservice.


The mark-up on glasses, especially frames is extraordinarily high. These places make their money by purchasing cheap, foreign frames and selling them to unsuspecting customers for a high price.

Spending $300 on a pair of glasses is silly and totally unnecessary. If you are near-sighted and wear glasses all the time except to read, then look for a frame made in the USA and looks and feels strong and durable. Spending some money on these is wise as they are always being used and are necessary. However, if you only need glasses to read, then wander on down to a dollar store and buy a few pairs in the strength you need in order to read.

I have probably 4 dozen pairs all over the house, garage, suitcases, etc. When and if they break or get lost, I am only out a dollar. Shop at different dollar stores as they all have different quality glasses. Some are all plastic frames while others are surprisingly strong and made of metal.

Lately, it seems the dollar stores are getting mostly plastic frames and cheaper metal ones.

Thus, even they are going cheap in order to make a buck so shop around. Anyone who needs glasses just to read is rather foolish spending alot of money on expensive glasses that are really nothing of the sort.


Yea glasses are marked up super high, I need glasses all the time because I am near sighted but I will defiantly look for frames made in the USA next time


Yes you can do that for simple readers like 1.5 and I have but for stronger like 3.5 that I need now the cheap ones are not so good, distortion eyestrain its not worth it.