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Lenscrafters in Lasalle Quebec, sold me two pairs of glasses, in sept of 07 and both pairs had the right lens split and got progressively worse as months went on. One pair i wore constantly and the second pair sat in a draw unused for 5 months. when the crack in the lens in one pair became annoying to the point it was noticable to anyone, i pulled my other unworn pair out and they were worse that my first pair!

I paid 600+ for two pairs and they both were overtighted and the cracking is getting worse. It's not a defective lens because they are two different brands of lenses, and two different style of frames.

I've just read the company gaurentee or return policy BS and they only offer 50% back on a defective product. This is a craftmanship issue.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Bezirk Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany #26960

This happened a few years ago to me and they wouldn't do anything about it.

Bentonia, Mississippi, United States #20617

are the lenses you purchased "reactint" or are they scothgard? if so: reactint had an issue for a while where it was a defective and if the lenses are scotchgard and they are cracked it is also going to be covered. talk to someone in the management with a brain and they will replace them.

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