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Went there last month to get new frames, and used my new prescription that called for the thin lenses. But what I got was the thick ones ( poly carbs),even though I had paid $100 more for the thin ones.

I took the glasses to my eye doctor ( who doesn't work for lense crafters) and he pointed out the prescription was way off, and that they had given me the thick lenses. So I took them back and just used my old frames, since the newer ones messed up my Peripheral vision. But once again they got the prescription wrong and gave me the thick lenses and tried to say they were "without a doubt" thin lenses that I had requested. 4 times I went to them and each time they messed it up.

In the end I just got my money back, but the gal that put my old lenses back into my old frames deliberately scratched the lenses.

So off to another different company to try and get new glasses.

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Lenscrafters does not hire Opticians. They hire Pawn store managers.THey overwork and under pay the associates.

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