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I purchased a pair of glasses after having cataract surgery. Bad choice of choosing Lens Crafters. After receiving my new glasses I complained that the right lens had 2 spots that I could see when viewing through the lens. The service person indicated that they were a result of the polishing process and said they would make another pair for me. After the new lens came in they supposedly installed them.

Problem was the spots were still there. I never changed the lens. It was the same lens that had the problem in the first place. They must have figured they would just pull a bait and switch on me and I would accept it.

There deceptive business practice has for sure cost them a customer. I will never purchase from them again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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All techs suck, do not trust them. Only way they learn is if we cull the tech heard or hit their money hard, best thing is to never pay anyone in a tech field. All techs screw the customers.


My complaint still stands. I will live with it but I will not get my glasses fron LensCrafters in the future.


The those aren't the progressive markings. Good luck and you are welcome :)


Sorry for the mistake.

These spots are only in the right lens. They are not in the right lens.

I should have said:

These spots are only in the right lens. They are not in the left lens.


Thank you for your comments but I have been wearing glasses since I was 40 and now I am 75. I have never had a pair of glasses that I saw spots looking threw them.

These spots are only in the right lens. They are not in the right lens.

I have another complaint now on how they handle Medicare.

I am going over to there office this morning to discuss it with them. I'm sure more will be said later concerning this problem.


I don't work for Lenscrafters, but am a licensed optician. All progressive lenses have watermarks as a reference point.

Without having the line, the watermarks are kind of a guide for the optical world that helps line up your prescription. These dots should be in the same spot on both lenses, one should not be higher than the other unless you have one eye higher than the other. The spots should also be in both lenses if they are watermarks.

You could always try taking it to another optical location and asking their thoughts. They would also be able to show you the watermarks so you would know if that was the issue.


Thank you for your offer but I want no more part of Lens Crafters.

My complaint in the first place was that I do not think they replaced my lens the first time. I do not believe 2 right lens would have the same spots and the left lens none.

I will live with these.



Yes they are no-line/progressive lens. Not sure what you are saying but the left lens does not have the spots that the right lens has.

One is directly in the line of sight. The other just to the left and a little higher.

Why would you sell lens that have marks as you describe?


Were the glasses you purchased no-line/progressive lenses by any chance? These types of lenses have watermarks in the lenses that look like small circles. There would be two per lens, one near the nasal and the other near the temple.