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After going to 3 different Lenscrafters locations in the metro Atlanta area over the past 5 years, I have ended up with hairline cracks in my lenses (near the rim of the frames) every time. After constantly taking them back and being questioned as to how I care for my glasses, I was told this last time that I would have to pay full price for lens replacement.

I will not be providing my business to Lenscrafters again. Unfortunately, it is over $500 I am out of pocket now.

Quantity over quality, I guess. I would recommend Lenscrafters for eyeglasses service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglasses.

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Same story as you all...

Thanks for confirming what I already suspected...


I actually just resolved this issue tonight. I took my glasses in the store because one lens had about 10 minuscule cracks form along the bottom rim.

The store management only offered me 1/2 off a new set of lenses if I purchased them within two weeks because I was out of the warranty period. I later went onto the lenscrafters website and in their "contact us" email option I sent them a lengthy email. i included that I have always purchased glasses from them and I use the optometrist within their store and have for many years. In addition as I am the primary caregiver for my family I have also purchased glasses for my children there for years.

They initially reiterated that I was out of warranty and there really wasn't muich that could be done but agreed to reach out to the store to see what they would offer. I politely told them that as a loyal customer I was only asking for one lens to be replaced and if that wasn't possible then they would lose my business. I received a call from the local store the next day advising that they would replace my lens for free. It sucks that I had to make threats to get them to uphold their product.

They did replace the lens with a little force on my part though.


Alyssavigue, way to place the blame on the user end. I've had the same exact problem with lenses from there.

I've worn glasses for over 20 years, and have never had this happen to me.

I'm someone that has had a smartphone for 2 years without a scratch on the surface. Lens Crafters is a scam, face it.


There are other things that can cause lenses to crack like that. One is a stress crack, usually caused by the lenses being a millimeter or two too large when they come out of the edger.

Usually happens in a wire frame where the screw is. It can also happen other places along the edge of the lens usually when people take their frames off their face and throw them on a table over a period of time.

My husband has done this before to a set of lenses. Certain chemical fumes can also cause polycarbonate lenses to crack from exposure.

If it has happened over five years from three different locations, I question the use of the glasses more than where they were purchased from.


same as everyone else - the typical story line is that one has to clean lenses with only lens cleaner from lens crafter. i clean my glasses with only water and a soft cotton cloth and cracks appear from the frame and grow towards the center.

do not get prescription lenses at lens crafters. this problem has been ongoing for years.


I do have hairline cracks in my glasses. It happen once and they replaced them free.

Then it happened again. Another free replacement, but said they wouldn't replace again. Happened again. This time the tech examined the glasses I was wearing with their glasses and came to the conclusion that my body chemistry was causing the glasses to crack.I will not go there again.

What BS!!! :cry