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Today I got my new glasses ( this is the 2nd eye exam this year) and they got it right!! Dr Jenson at Bayshore Towne Center ( across from the California pizza kitchen is AWESOME!!) I went in Sunday because my left eye was twitching and I started to experience worse issues seeing clearly with the glasses I purchased in Feb of this year.

Those came from Lenscrafters ( 5794 N Bayshore town center)s well and I went back several times after buying them because I got progressive lenses late last year and had issues so went back in February and got another eye exam. The dr

said that the prescription didn't change in Feb but would “ play around “ with the progressive lenses measurements to see if that made a difference. I bought two pair and spent over $1300 that day between my two pair of glasses and my daughters.

After a couple weeks I went back because those glasses were bothering my eyes and they told me to wear them some more to get used to them. After a while of going back

and not getting any resolve I gave up.

I tried wearing the 2nd pair and that was worse.

They told me since 30 days lapsed they couldn’t do anything.( 30

day guarantee is a

lie) so I was stuck with one pair that I

could see but since were progressive couldn’t read small print and the other pair was hard to believe was the same prescription.

Fast forward so my eyes were sore from straining and since I have two eye coverage plans I went back for a new exam after researching the new clarifye exam that are offered. There are two lenscrafters locations in the bayshore town center in milwaukee wi and only one had this type of technique ( all electronics exam) not my usual office.

This is the best thing ever and I’m so grateful to Dr Jenson for not only being good at what he doe but also recognizing that the reason I was having difficulties seeing is because my progressive prescription was too strong. He said he would never have made it as strong as it was which was where my vision problems where from. Yes I had to spend another $480 so that would $1200 for myself with only one working pair.

As SOON as I tried the new glasses it was unbelievable.

It’s unfortunate that as many pairs as Ive purchased especially own in the same year I got nothing but “ guess you have to purchase new ones??” I will NEVER go to the other location.. Dr Jenson where u go I will follow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lenscrafters Eyeglass Lenses.

Reason of review: Exactly as described/ advertised.

LensCrafters Pros: Range of products you offered, Some of the staff, Range of products offered.

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