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Lenscrafters sold the anti glare coating to me and did not tell me it would rub off in less than 1 year. I told them about it and they said that is what it does.

The glass is not scratched but it appears that way because the coating is coming off. LensCrafters said they would replace the lens for 200.00. The glasses cost me over 400.00 less than 1 year ago. Poor customer service and they should have told me that it would rub off.

LensCrafters has lost all of my family's business. What a terrible company.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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same thing happened to me


I had the same issue!


The non glare coating is wearing off my glasses. Purchased them in January 2017 from Lens Crafter in Baybrook Mall near Houston Texas.

They refused to replace my lens....want me to purchase new ones...No thank you! You have lost a 20 year customer.

This has never happened to my other glasses. Terrible customer service and way overpriced!!!


Me too! As I write this I’m looking through lenses full of spots.

I took my glasses back to LC and they blamed it on me. I always clean my glasses appropriately. I do not use the harsh chemicals they accused me of using. I have gone to LC for years and am a faithful customer.

I’m now seeking other options. This is terrible customer service and obviously I am not alone.


To Disappointed, nobody here is taking the lenses back TWO YEARS later. My coating started rubbing off in three months AND I USE THE LENSCRAFTER LENS CLEANER and MICRO FIBER CLOTH.

Others here are reporting similar experiences. Nobody at LC said anything about this being a coating that rubs off easily, NOBODY. You can continue blaming your customers all you want and accusing us of being evil peopke all you want, but YOU at Lens Crafters your parent company Luxottica, better understand that unless you stop selling expensive garbage, we WILL go elsewhere. WE dont need LensCrafters, Visionworks or other such places selling these useless coatings.

Your attitude about people not wanting to get ripped off by games played by big corporations explains why American retailersare having a hard time getting customers. WE didnt make the substandard coating, your parent company does.

Your reputation is on the line because of it. DONT blame the customer because YOUR coating wrecks an expensive pair of lenses.

to Jim #1416757

Yeah, good luck trying to avoid Luxotica. They basically have a monopoly on eyeglasses.

Both in terms of retailers and frames.

They even got their greedy little hands all over vision insurance. So if you Don't go to one of their chain stores, you'll probably still end up buying frames made by them or using their vision insurance.

to Jim #1430169

Did you get the anti reflective coating done in an hour? It seems that the coating that is done in house by the lab in the store wears away easily.

The coating isn't all that great and not to be trusted. Also, the coating that you choose premium or standard AR doesn't make a difference.

It's just a way to make more money off of you. So if you do get an anti reflective coating, make sure it is done at a central lab.


Same issue here with the anti-reflective coating rubbibg off right away. They dont tell you when they they tout its qualities that its going to last maybe six months.

I suggest you go on Yelp for your local Lenscrafters and give them the aporopriate rating .

They will not stand behind their EXPENSIVE product. Youre better off taking your prescription and buying online or at Americas Best.


I am having the same issue with my glasses. A year and a half after I bought my glasses from LensCrafters with Anti-Glare coating it is rubbing off as well.

It looks lile scratches all over the lenses. Their only solution was for me to buy new lenses. They are knowingly selling defective products. This is not the only website that I have seen consumers complain about this same situation from LensCrafters.

I shouldn't have to buy new lenses when they are less than two years old, my prescription is the same, and their anti-glare coating is defective.

Now, I'm stuck with eyeglasses with "scratches" all over the lenses until I can afford to fork over another $375 for new glasses. I will never buy anything from Lenscrafters again.


Lenscrafters also did me the same way.After 2 months my glasses did the same thing and I called them and I was told that if I would pay 50% that they would be more than happy to replace them.


Same thing happened to two set of glasses that I purchased from Lenscrafters, both with transition lenses. First pair actually had hundreds of very small cracks across the entire lens.

The second pair,only being 6 month old, started to have issues with the coating. Lenscrafter stated that is must be something I'm doing to them like opening an over door or grilling. Something heat related. I've been wearing glasses my entire life and I know how to take care of glasses.

No warranty provided it happens within the first month from purchase. I agree that LensCrafters customer service is poor to say the least.

Dothan, Alabama, United States #928082

This has happened to with my glasses from Visionworks. I told them to not order my glasses with the AR coating.

They kept telling me this was a new and improved coating that would not spot up like lenses my old AR lenses. Wrong!

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #826862

It's not just Lenscrafters it's basically the entire glasses market. Everything about glasses are overpriced due to one main company controlling it all.

That company is Luxottica, they own Lenscrafters and a lot more.

This youtube video shed some light for me on the crappy and expensive glasses industry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voUiWOGv8ec

Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States #770980

I also paid around $500 for my glasses at Lenscrafters 1 year ago.

I now have the anti-glare coming off!!!!!! I am not a happy customer!

I have had glasses with anti-glare before with Lenscrafters and the anti glare did not come off. What has changed?

It seems to me that this is a gimmick for Lenscrafters to make money at the expense of their long time customers.

They also have lost me as as customer (no, actually, thrown away a customer), as well as, my family and friends!

Houston, Texas, United States #607520

Also if you have problems with the glasses and they will not warranty it, make sure you talk to the manager. If no help then go up the corporate ladder.

Call the home office. Don't lose your temper, it just make them not want to help you when you act like a nut.

Houston, Texas, United States #607517

Water can cause the anti-reflective coating to seperate from the lens. When you hold the glasses under running water, the water sits in the frame eyewire that holds the lens allowing the water to soak into to the edge of the lens.

The edge of the lens does not have the anti-reflective coating on it.

Use the recommended spray and microfiber cloth. Don't wear the glasses in the shower.

to optician #1587271

Thank you for advice Lenscrafters would not even give me that info when I asked directly how to avoid this problem on new lenses i just had to buy due to anti reflective coating peeling ... I will not buy this again...too costly for defective product not being warrantied for defects:( Class action future case I think...


After 3 months the anti-glare coating on my Lenscrafters glasses bubbled up. I took proper care of the lenses and washed them only with water and did not expose them to lotions or chemicals etc.

I had paid for the one year protection plan, so Lenscrafters replaced the lenses. Now, only a month later, the coating is coming off of those even worse than with the first pair. I intend to go back and get lenses without the coating on them. I also won't go back there for my next update.

My husband had a similar problem with his lenscrafters lenses and he went to a private optometrist the last time, paid less, and has had no problems with the coatings.


I don't know why my husband and I allowed Lencrafters to talk us into anti-glare because it doesn't work. I always have to be cleaning them.

And now reading the comments I don't look forward to it peeling off. :roll


I have been having the same run around with Visionworks. They said some material must have been sprayed on them when walking through the mall.

I am really ticked as they have received better care than my 4 yr old ones. Same prescription, better glasses.fP2

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