Calgary, Alberta
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I would give no stars if I could. Entered this store and was looking for a new pair of Burberry glasses. Firstly there is a security guard standing at the door, eyeing everyone up. I walked in (with no glasses anywhere near me) and reached into my purse to get out my phone (where I had saved some of the item numbers of the glasses I had found online that I liked) and the security guard wouldn't stop staring at me. I wanted to take my phone and shake it in his face and ask him what his problem was. Having him there just made the whole experience super uncomfortable.

Staff pretty much ignored us. I went to the Burberry section and found the pair that I wanted and looked around again for someone to help me. FINALLY a manager came by and asked if I had been helped, I told him no, and he alerted a store assistant who said she would be 'right with me'. After walking by me 4 times and not even acknowledging me another lady (who was helping another customer) randomly looked up and said 'if you would just have a seat I will help you', not sure if it was just her tone but it came across super rude. After sitting and waiting another 15 minutes she finally came over and you could tell that she could care less about helping me.

She seemed to think it was a big problem that I had a prescription from somewhere else (where I always get my contact lenses from) and I had to really push her for information. All the questions I asked were met with a very cold one word response (most of the time she didn't even look at me when she answered).

Finally I told her that I wanted to buy a certain Burberry pair but that they were slightly damaged so was wondering if they had another pair in the back. She just responded with a cold 'no' and no other suggestions, just 'what you see is what you get'. I asked if I could order a pair and she shrugged her shoulders and said 'if you must have a new pair then we could'. I ended up just leaving the glasses and leaving the store. Considering how much I loved the glasses it really took a lot for me to just walk out of the store, but I will NEVER go back there, an absolutely horrible experience. And in my mind if they treat you that bad BEFORE you have even bought anything, how bad will it be when you have to come back for little tighten up jobs etc.. save your money and shop somewhere else!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

LensCrafters Cons: Different stories being told, Having marks on the lenses, Expensive lenses for sale in bad condition.

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