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I finally got enough money to afford new glasses and went in to lenscrafters because they supposedly make them in an hour. Well when I ordered them it was Jan 2.

they said they had to send them out so maybe 10 days, well I did not receive them until Jan 23. When I called about them I kept getting a different story. One story they were not in but call back in a few days, another story the company that makes the lenses had been bought out and they were in limbo another story that the person had misunderstood and they were just backed up because of the holiday. But got them finally and when I went to clean them I noticed something not coming off the glass on both lenses.

I called again and they said it was a watermark of some kind but I did not buy lenses with a watermark. They told me on the phone to come in and they would see about lessening or lightening the effect. Well I went in today Jan 25, and they said that there was nothing they could do. I did not buy or was told that my lenses would have any writing on them.

The person at Lenscrafters said well I could just get used to it or I could return them. What kind of business doesn't disclose this kind of information before buying? What kind of business lets their customers walk out of the store with no recourse?

They knew I was going to get progressive lenses and said nothing. I need glasses to see but they don't seem to care about the situation of as I see it "defective" lenses.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $550.

Preferred solution: Make it policy to disclose these supposed "watermarks" let customers view a sample pair and let them decide if they can get "used" to it. Also, a public apology and a pair of lenses without this "watermark". .

LensCrafters Pros: Some of the staff.

LensCrafters Cons: Glasses in an hour is a lie, Non-disclosure of watermarks, Different stories being told.

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Hi Ya I just got new glasses and noticed what would be called water marked 5 of em, ie, small symbols on my $500 glasses IF they are marks from the maker why the *** are they so close to the focal point of the lens they are on inside by nose piece less than a cm from the focal point and a cm from edge by nose piece, like a water mark of course they are see through but how much ? is this is what is causing my headaches with these glasses I'm certain this is what's bothering me about them had them long enough to adjust. they are about the size of this text like a little o what the *** are they doing this crap for you wanta mark the lens burn it on the side NOT on the lens.


Watermarks are on nearly every progressive lens you will buy...whether at Lenscrafter, a private practice, or through an online vendor. Seeing as they had to "send off" the lenses, I would assume they are progressive, digitally enhanced, or a higher rx, and therefore were supplied by a more premium source, other than a teenager just whipping them up in the back.

Companies such as Essilor, Hoya, put these watermarks in the corners of many of their lenses almost as a proof or validation that they are of good quality and the correct lens.

Being upset about this is like being mad you buy ray bans and then realize there is an rb watermarked in their lenses, too. They are not going to tell you about them up front because: 1)it's common knowledge in the optometry industry, 2)only 1 of like 500 people even notice them let alone get upset by them, and 3)if they told you every single fact they knew you wouldn't understand half of it let alone remember what they said.


Really there are four of these water marks on my glasses! These are the most expensive lenses HD! Are they insane?


Yes I had this same experience. I plan to sue this Carl Ziess for allowing these watermarks to screw my vision while making right turns into traffic.

Very unsafe. These are issues the FDA should be involved in.


I am a licensed optician (not for lenscrafters). ALL progressive lenses have an identifier etched into the lens.

It so that we know what brand/type you are wearing and can keep you in the equivalent or better.

If we do not know what type you are wearing and put you in a different lens it may cause you to see everything swimmy or cause nausea. Sometimes you just notice them more because they are deeper or you are catching glare on them at just the right angles.


It would have been nice to have known that this type of thing was on the lenses before purchasing. I would have chosen a different prescription.

I got two written. One without the bifocal part.


All progressive lenses have brand engravings on them. It lets the optician know what brand and type of lens within that brand so that they can help keep you in the same or equivalent lens.

Some engravings are more noticeable than others. Some batches of lenses have them more pronounced and some not.


Yes, that is what lenscrafters said about progressive lenses having markings, but my previous pair of progressives do not have markings that I can see. I did not know about these markings nor did I know that the lenses would have markings.


It's not a watermark lol every progressive lens has a marking as an identifier


Every progressive lens has laser markings to identify the brand. Could that be what this is?