Fargo, North Dakota
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I really wanted to get my glasses there but after insurance the rep in Fargo, ND quoted me $439.20 for the Variluz Plasticwear lenses. That is after insurance.

After insurance - I would have to pay $486.00 for glasses. I ran from the store and am thinking about contacting customer service to see if he was scamming me. It was the store manager and the girl that was putting the information in seemed confused as she did not understand what was going on.

I loved the frames and always thought lens prices were always about the same price. I went to a different store and lens prices were about $350.00 less.

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I have been using Varilux lens for 30 years. My eyes do not change quickly so the price is cheap when you consider - better vision with progressives, better coatings like non reflective, scratch resistant, and more.

I tried a top of the line big optic retailer and took them back in two weeks - headache and red eyes. Ordered Verilux now four years ago and not one scratch and still clear and light weight.

I purchased titanium frames 15 years ago with the Varilux progressive lens.

Really light and bright even with transaction coatings. Best product on the market bar none.


Is you can tell me where you found Varilux lenses for $138.00 - I'll go there too! :x


cant get varilux for that price


Travis, since when does poly have a better scratch resistance than plastic? Poly is a softer plastic, which is why it's more impact resistant. Because it's a softer material though, it's more susceptable to scratching unless you purchase an enhanced scratch coating.


I purchased Varilux Physio progressive Transitions with coatings,Frames and eye exam for $330us in MEXICO. Best eye exam and best glasses I've ever had.


Went to lenscrafters and the cheapest plastic lens was priced at $125 with AR coating another $80 dollars for a total of $205..Since I purchased my frames elsewere and I am a AAA member I got a 15% off so the quote was for $174.25. Went to a place in Melrose "Cateye" and I got the better product...Plastic lens $39 and AR $95 Alise believe....so a total of $134 with a 10% discount...so $120.....Its worth shopping around


Don't listen to these people. I work as a dispensing optician in an independent optometric practice.

I am very, very familiar with all types of Varilux products as that is what we primarily use. They are excellent lenses and that price that you were quoted is actually quite inexpensive. People need to stop being cheap when it comes to your vision! As for Varilux favoring polycarbonate lenses, yes, that is true.

But they have a good reason for it. They are the safest lenses you can get, half the weight of plastic lenses, more scratch resistant than plastic, and they are UV protecting. Plastic is none of these things. I would never dream of being in anything but poly.

Another thing that may increase the price is that the office that you left may have been using a higher quality no-glare treatment than the other office. Crizal Avance or Crizal Sapphire is the way to go.


Our private practice here in Gainesville, FL sells polycarbonate varilux Physio lenses for $290.00 The AR ( Crizal) Is only $85 with a 2yr unlimited warranty. So it all depends where you go.

The lens crafters here in the same town up the road charges almost double for the same exact deal. Look up the 20/20 story on luxottica and you will have most your answers :(


The truth is you will NEVER get a varilux lens for $150 and usually the only time varilux's are used anymore is when the Dr. specifies it on the rx.

Get your story straight before you go "running" from an excellent company and take a little responsibility as a consumer. Wake up and welcome to 2010 as "kickbacks" from lens companies are illegal and the only ones that ever benefitted from them before were your precious private Dr's who generally don't have a clue about the different type of lenses and what they will do.


For the record, Varilux is NOT the best product on the market, only the "best known". You can get any of their products at any chain, they may just be using another name to fool the consumer into paying more for a name when the product design is the same.

Varilux branded products are available at private pracitces, online eyewear sites and chains like LensCrafters.

They push polycarbonate as the material of choice which has the lowest rating optically, costs pennies to make and is the most softest and scratchable material glasses can be made in. Take some time to do the research and if any optical professional tells you this is the best you can get then find another one because this company pays these people cash under the table too.


AK, what fantasy world do you live in where Essilor only contracts with private offices? I have several customers who come to me for Varilux products because the local dr's offices can't beat my price. Is ignorance bliss?


i just noticed that other people have posted the same thing. please post or tell us where we can get these "low cost" varilux lenses.

and please make sure that they are real varilux, and not through some shady online site. show us real private doctors.


essilor only contracts with private doctors? since when?

they are trying to make as much money as possible.

what state do you live in where the prices are so low then? I have shopped around and all the private offices and the chains charge a pretty good amount for varilux in california.

please post the names and phone #'s of these places, or link some type of proof.


Just to let you know... Essilor only contracts with private practices.

This is the company who created the Varilux products. Your doctor's office will have a dramatically lower cost on these lenses... because it costs them less. Just so you know.

Do you research and you can always ask your local physician's office if they will price-match a product. I know we do!


to some of you: you do realize that there are regular progressive lenses, and then there are Varilux brand progressives? Varilux is a brand, and it is not called variluz plasticwear. (plasticwear, lol)

the fact that the poster doesn't even know the correct name speaks volumes.

do some research for yourselves.

as for the $150 for Varilux: i agree with the other person who posted. show me a real doctors office where they retail at that price. not some sketchy online retailer who claims that they are Varilux, but an actual doctors office.

and if you buy your glasses online, well you get what you pay for.


Where is the truth, O.T? Lenscrafters CAN sell and manufacture Varilux lenses.

The truth is that many people who are conned into Varilux lenses at some places don't need Varilux lenses. Most people are fine with Ovations or Sola Max.

Plus, there are so many free form, digital options now that cost less. Get it straight, Truth.


REALLY? $150 dollars? REAL Varilux lenses, not fakes or knock-offs? hmmmm... i don't believe that for a second.

which office is this so i can call and confirm this for myself?

that is funny because i know a lot of private offices and they do not retail at $150.


Varilux lenses retail for $150.00 @ a private doctors office. Lenscrappers can't manufacture them in their ill-staffed meatmarket so they simply price them very high and hope you will buy their in house junk!



You are not being honest with yourelf if you think the same lenses were $350 less somewhere else. You need to do your homework before slamming a company.


they are talking about Varilux progressive lenses. they are considered the BEST progressive lens on the market and they are not cheap. they are also probably the most expensive lens on the market. most insurance companies will cover the cost of basic eye wear. usually that means plastic lenses and lined bifocals. anything like a progressive lenses or some lenses made out of polycarbonate are more of a premium product and you can have them, but you have to pay more out of pocket for them.

also some vision plans are better than others. some will cover more of the cost, some cover very little. so do some research, contact you insurance and see what they cover.

but i guarantee that most insurance companies are not going to cover the full cost of a Varilux lens.

i guarantee if you ask them how much your insurance would cover toward BASIC progressive lenses, the price would be MUCH lower.

but for Varilux lenses...yeah expect to pay some bucks even with insurance.