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I took my daughter to get her first pair of glasses. The girl convinced me to upgrade her lenses to a polycarbonate lens with a scratch resistant coating because they're better for kids and resist cracking, scratches and would be safter for her...guilty mom reasons, etc. So I paid more.

It has not been 30 days. They refused to take the glasses back because the 30 day "no questions asked" guarantee clearly states they have to be in the same condition as when they were picked up and they wouldn't have given her a pair of glasses with a crack in them. She is not athletic, the frames are in perfect condition and the crack is coming from the side of the lens with no other damage around it.

I am sure this has happened before. I talked with another professional who said that they don't use this material because it's really poor quality and doesn't understand why Lenscrafters would use it and why they charge so much for it because it's the cheapest material you can get. Read: not worth the extra $200.

I found this Industry Trouble Shooting Guide which I will bring with me to a different Lenscrafters tomorrow. This article clearly states that often the cracking will not show up for days after the lens is made. This makes it possible for us to be returning them in their original condition, with defective lenses. They just weren't visible at the time.

Hopefully anyone who has this problem can find this article. I think it's terrible that Lenscrafters knows this material is notorious for cracking, it's very low quality and sells it at a ridiculous price. Consumers don't know anything about lenses and are at the mercy of retailers who'll rob them blind in "about an hour".

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it is actually a law that children under the age of 18 are required to be put into polycarbonate lenses.

if an optician puts a child in plastic lenses and somehow it chips and they get a plastic shard or piece in their eye, wow, lawsuit!


After the forth pair of lens they still can't get it right. Now they refuse to refund my money, they want to keep trying to get the lens right. 7 weeks 4th pair ! I think not.

I've worn glasses for 30 years and never have I had as poor of quality as from them.

I've never returned a pair of glasses ever in my life. These lens are ***. They even used (so they said) the best material they have.

Well they have poor techs working there too, first 3 sets of lens they gave me had cracks all over them. But they asked why I couldn't just wear them like that!

If you are doing your research and looking for quality.... DO NOT GO TO LENSCRAFTERS !


Dr's rx poly for kids under 12 for safety reasons. I see cracking sometimes in poly, but many more times than not it's due to size vs frame or the rigidity of the frame.

The people at the store should have recognized that and offered the appropriate change. You are irresponsible, however, to lambast the entire organization because of a couple of individuals.


Lenscrafters is not a frame manufacturer.


yes they are luxottica the parent company owns multiple frame lines including ray ban coach D&G and so on they own a huge chunk of the optical market including eyemed insurance


I have never had any issues with lens crafters and my whole family wears their glasses. By far they have fair prices and my kids have really given their glasses a work out and I am always able to go in a get free agjustments.


the are the best. check them out WWW.THEVISIONHOUSE.COM


Let me say first that I do agree that they should replace the lenses. Sounds like the lenses may have been too big, and the stress may have led to them cracking. If it had been the store I work at, they would have deemed it defective and replaced it.

that being said, let me correct a few of your statements...

LC's policy is to use polycarbonate lenses on any child age 12 and under. That being said, all kids 12 and under get half off.

The upgrade price from plastic to poly is not $200, its $65. There are 5 main lenses they use that are poly. The basic (featherwates) is $65 more, the most scratch resistant (featherwates plus) is $95 more, the one with the anti reflective coating (featherwates invisibles)is $150 more, the one with an additional coating to make it easier to clean on top of the anti-reflective (featherwates complete with scotchguard)is $200 more. The final one is the transitions lens, which cost $230 more.

Yes poly is the cheapest material, but your $200 was not used to buy polycarbonate alone, it also bought the anti reflective coating and the scotchguard coating. The anti-reflective coating can be put on the plastic lens as well, and the total for plastic with anti-reflective would have been the same as poly with anti-reflective coating ($275: $125 for basic plastic + $150 upgrade).

The reason most stores recommend poly (and the only reasons I'll recommend it) is if a young child is getting glasses, or if the frame a person picks is only half a frame. It is not because the poly is more scratch resistant, it isn't. Plastic is more scratch resistant, the featherwates plus is the most scratch resistant of the polycarbonate lenses. It's not for the vision. Again, plastic gives better optics. I recommend poly for some people because it is the most impact resistant (NOT crack resistant). Kids will be kids and I personally would rather the glasses get more scratches on them then have the lenses shatter in gym class when a baseball/kickball hits their glasses. For the people that choose the frames that are only around the top half of lenses (bottom is held in by nylon) there is nothing to protect the lens at the bottom and plastic WILL chip. When somebody tells me they want plastic anyway I immediately write a note in their chart saying they were notified about future chipping and I let the customer know that won't be considered a defect if they bring it back chipped across the bottom.

So yes, I like plastic better then poly. For those of you who will reply and say "why use poly at all if it's inferior to plastic?" It's the same reason we don't use glass. Glass gives the best optics of all three materials, and it's also the most scratch resistant of the three. It's also very easy to shatter, and extremely heavy to wear. Each lens has it's advantages and disadvantages. (plastic is still my heavy favorite) It is up to you and the optician/ apprentice optician working with you to determine the best lenses that will work for YOU and what you will be using the glasses for.

Back on target, I think the problem with that particular pair of glasses was not the material, but the cutting down of the lens. It sounds like it was too big when they put it in the frame. That would have happened if the lens was plastic too. IF that is the problem (can't tell just be reading), I still think it's their responsibility to replace those lenses for you either way. If you write in to their customer service department it should be fixed for you.

(PS. 30 day guarantee only if returned in condition it was purchased in does not apply to defects/problems with manufacturing, but personal mishaps like sitting on your frame.)


Well because you were within your 30 day guarantee you should be able to exchange to a different product that wouldnt crack! But that's not the real point.

The real point is that the lenses cracked within only 1 month! WOW! Lenses should last for years! If there was a crack in the lenses within only 30 days , Lenscrafters should replace them for free because of a manufacturing fault!

From what I've learned from my history in buying glasses polycarbonate lenses are the most impact resistant lenses on the market and they shouldn't crack or shatter ever! Fortunatly I've run into this before and realized through true expertise that cracking of a lens that soon from original make is due to oversizing of the lens and tightening the screw of the eyewire down too hard to get it to fit.

This causes extra stress on the lens which can cause cracks!

I hope this helps! I've learned this through experience with my own kids!!!


I am just laughing at you man..... Go somewhere else and stop crying about it here...

Lenscrafters is the World's largest frame manufacturer so no matter where you go you will buy their product and give your money to them. So funny....